Dawn Hand Soap Essay Research Paper Dawn

Dawn Hand Soap Essay, Research Paper

Dawn Hand Soap

Memo Purpose

In this memo we will take an in depth look at the magazine advertisement used by Dawn dishwashing soap. With a specific focus on the ad’s purpose, description, their target audience, and the ad’s strategies.

Overall Recommendation

They want you to leave with the idea, if you use Dawn soap your hands will posses a unique feeling of freshness. This is a positive way to market a rather boring product.

Purpose of Ad

They provide you with a visual image of a woman’s hand. Inside the hand of the woman they use pastel colors to represent a sea side resort. It is a calm and sunny day, giving the consumer a feeling of luxury. This ad lets you experience a vacation without leaving your sink.

Ad Description

The advertisement is presented on a solid white background. At the top it say’s “Send your hands to the spa without leaving the kitchen.” Below this sentence there is a silhouette of a woman’s hand. Inside of the hand there is a beautiful blue pool surrounded by people and shrubs. The pool is crystal clear with a kiddy pool in the middle. In the background you can see the ocean over the top of the shrubs, and along the horizon is a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. At the bottom of the page they give you a verbal statement that sums up the ideas that they wish for you to take from the ad. It say’s ” You don’t have to go further than the sink to treat your hands to a little something special. All you needs is new Dawn Special Care. The unique skin vitalizing protein’s actually improve the look and feel of your hands. And that’s the beauty of it.” In the bottom right corner it has the Dawn Special Care logo and below that it states “Fighting grease has never felt better.”

Target Audience

The ad is directed to get the attention of anyone who washes dishes. Although, it is mainly focused towards the consumer which cares about their skin.

Ad’s Strategies

They used a solid white background, this was to bring all of your attention on the focal point of the advertisement. This was the silhouette of a woman’s hand with long finger nails. Inside the hand they express a feeling of freshness. They also express this idea in written context at the bottom of the page, this helps the ad appeal to two groups of consumers. Although the overall strategies are to give the consumer a feel of freshness without ever leaving the kitchen.


I feel that the overall marketing technique used in this ad was very effective.


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