Untitled Essay Research Paper Theseus Athens great

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

Theseus Athens great hero

At birth Theseus an unknown father. His mother , Aethra

, was friendly with both Poseidon and Aegeus (Hunt 3-6). Before Theseus was

born Aegeus said to Aethra .” If we are to have a son , when he is grown

have him take my sword and sandals from under this boulder to me ,” then

he was off to Athens. Theseus was born in a small town called Troezen and

grew up there, in a normal way.

When Theseus was old enough Aethra took Theseus to the

boulder where the sandals and sword were and told him what Aegeus had said.

Theseus lifted the giant boulder with ease and immediately wanted to go to

Athens. He insisted on going by land even though it is much more dangerous

for there are thieves and he did not want to heed his mother’s warnings.

So he was off to Athens on foot to meet his father.

On the journey Theseus met many thieves and out whited

every one of them from asking to see there nice weapons and using them agents

the thieves to seeing what they were trying to do to him and using that to

hurt or usually kill them. Either way Theseus showed courage and wisdom in

his quick thinking that would make him a great hero that would be remembered

for many years to come.

The first day in Athens Theseus started looking for

Aegeus’ castle but what he did not know was that Aegeus was ,at the

time, under the power of a sorcerer by the name of Medea. She could see the

power in him from afar and saw that he would take her power so she told Aegeus

to kill him. At this time either Aegeus nor Theseus knew that they were related.

Media told Aegeus to invite Theseus to a party or ball coming in the near

feature and to poison his drink. Aegeus poisoned his drink and gave it to

Theseus. Just before Theseus drank the wine Aegeus dashed the glass to the

ground for he had just recognized his sword.

Aegeus and Theseus became good friends and lived together

for a time. One day Theseus saw ships with black sails coming and heard that

there were taking 20 people to the labyrinth where they would be killed by

a monster called the Minitor. Theseus had to stop this annual occurrence

and went on the boat and promised if he lived to change the sails from black

to white to tell Aegeus that Theseus was alive.

Theseus went on the ship to the labyrinth in Crete and

met Ariadne , who he fell in love with immediately, who gave him a ball of

silk for which to get out of the maze. Theseus got all of the others to follow

him and finally found and killed the Minitor by himself. He then followed

the silk back out. He loved Ariadne and took her home with him. On the way

Dionysis said that he was already to be wed with Ariadne and took her with

him. Theseus was so sad that he forgot to change the sails. Aegeus saw the

black sails from atop a high cliff while watching for his son and jumped

into the sea below him killing himself in what is now called the Aegean sea.

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