Moby Dick Essay Research Paper Exploitation and

Moby Dick Essay, Research Paper

Exploitation and discrimination of the female began when god made Adam and Eve. By not making Eve the same way he made Adam god said to society she is not you’re equal she is different.

When you are born you are dressed according to sex, girls pink boys blue.

This puts the boys in one place of society and girls in another even though when you are small boys and girls are the same in height and strength. As the little girls get older our culture tells her you are not as strong or as smart as that boy. Girls get the message when that little girl tries to join the football team. The coach tries to discourage her from joining by saying she is too weak and can get hurt. To the boys the coach would say be strong it only hurts a little. Studies have prove that in many classrooms’ boys get more attention from their teachers than the girls. The reason is boys are more aggressive than girls and to keep order the teacher pays more attention to them. This dose not means that boys are intelligent than girls. From the first day of school girls learn that they must be quite and sweet while boys learn to be rough and loud. At school girls learn that their outward appearance is most important. This is because our culture puts a high price on girl’s figure. If a girl is 20 pounds heavier than any of the girls in her class she is fat and teases her. If a boy is 20 pound heavier he is called husky and everyone will say he is a big boy but to the girls they will say she is a fat little girl.

When that little girl is growing and she happens to be pretty, everybody will say to you she is so pretty she should be a model.

To the parents of boys is very rare that anyone will say he is so handsome he should be a model. The reason for this is that girls are thought as something to look at. Boys are thought as builders. As boys are growing up our culture says he should be in sports and girls in the drama, boys will do and girls to be seen for there looks. The culture exploitation begins when that little girl is put in a beauty pageant. She has to dress and wear make-up. She must look like an adult instead of a little girl. The more adults she looks the better the chances of winning. This teaches the female that what is outside of her that counts not what’s inside of her. This will carry on into many adults in our society. This has made many adults very unhappy. They believe they are not pretty or skinny enough.

There is exploitation in the work places. Many jobs will hire females, for there looks. These are how fat you are or how thin, how you dress and how you wear your make-up, all in outward appearances. It doses not mater if you don’t know the job well. The other exploitation the work place is that in many jobs women gets pay less for the same job that a man dose.

The reason has been that society believes that man is stronger so he doses more work then female and he is the head of the house. This is not true. Today many jobs are done with machines. Today a lot woman is the head of the house. Still in many places the mentality is he is stronger and she is weaker, even when they produce the same amount of work and do the same job. In our country this is called job discrimination. Even today in the year 2000 many people in our society believes that woman should stay home raising the kids and cleaning the house and the man should be working and making the money. The single mother is blame if their children go the wrong way not the absent father. No one says the child has gone bad because he did not have the influence of a father. They will say it is her fault for the way she neglected him in order to live she had to work, and the child was lift to sitters or along. To the single father society will say not his fault. It’s the fault of the terrible woman that left those poor children with that poor man.

One of the biggest exploitation of the female body is in the arts. Today almost in every film you see there is a nude woman in it. If she is not completely nude, she is undressed from the top.

If you are an actress and you are not willing to show your beauty there is a good possibility that you will not get a job. You will see a woman completely nude but rarely see a man completely nude. If the artis wants to show a human body they should be able to show male and female equally.

I hope in the future things will change. When I am ready to look for a job I would not want to be hired for my body but for my knowledge of my profession.



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