Dragon Ball Z Web Pages Essay Research

Dragon Ball Z Web Pages Essay, Research Paper

When I think of cartoons, I think of Dragon Ball Z. dragon Ball Z is an Anime

series from Japan, currently airing on cartoon Network. When I received this assignment I

knew what I wanted to do, visit Dragon Ball Z sites, and do some compare and contrast.

The sites I visited are blackgoku.com ( Da Black Goku?s Dragon Ball Z Collection),

dbzn.rpgn.com ( DBZ Network), and dragonballz.fanshots.com (Scotty?s Dragon Ball

Information Site). All of these sites had basically the same information, but were

presented differently.

The first site I visited was Da Black goku?s Dragon Ball Z Collection, I liked what

I saw hear. I been visiting this site for a while also. Of the three sites I visited, this one

was the most visual appealing site to me. Even though the background of the printout is

white, the site?s actual background is black. With the red letters, and a black background,

this site is really easy to look at. Another visual appealing aspect to this site are the

images of the Dragon Ball Z characters on the heading. All of these images flow good

with the black background. The font used is also visual appealing, the smooth soft curves

looks good as a font, plus the red coloring, this web designer couldn?t have gone wrong. I

think this site has what every Dragon Ball Z fan wants, full episodes, and movies.

Another cool fact about this is that a lot of the episodes listed on this site haven?t been

released in the United States. Like every other Dragon Ball Z site on the web, this site

has character bios, episode summaries, movie clips, and picture images of the characters.

This site has a lot of images of the characters. The design of this site is good also, it is

easy to navigate through. The two menus make this site look good, because it makes the

site look off balance. One menu is the header and the other is on the left, this has a

typical layout for web pages today. With the menu on the left, and the information

displayed in the middle. In a visual sense this site communicates its message very well, a

Dragon Ball Z heaven.

The second site that I visited was the DBZ Network. This page is longer than Da

Black Goku?s, but I do not think it is as good as it. This page almost has the same layout

except for the menu bar not at the page?s header. The menu bar on the left has more

options to view than Da Black Goku?s. The one option that I liked was the TV schedule

option on the menu bar, of course it tells when a certain episode will air on TV. The font

used on the menu bar for the main points is alright, it looks better on the screen then it

does on the printout. The color of this font is good also, it is a soft colored blue that is

visually appealing to me. Also this site contains more information about Dragon Ball Z

then Da Black Goku?s, this is the one aspect of this site which is better than Da Black

Goku?s. If anyone who doesn?t watch Dragon Ball Z comes to this site, by the time they

get done reviewing this site, they?ll know about the whole plot, characters, character

power levels, and moves. In a way this site conveys it?s message better than Da Black

Goku?s, because of the information that is available to view at any time. I think the

message of any web site is the information on the subject matter, and how well it is

presented. I think Da Black Goku?s is better visually, but the DBZ Network information

is many times better than the other site. As on Da Black goku?s the background is black,

but on the printout it is white. The font used through out the page looks good with black,

but on white it doesn?t look as good. The one aspect of this site I do not like is the lack

of images of the characters. The only image of a character on this site is on an

advertisement for a contest. This site is about dragon ball Z, give the people what they

want, images of the characters around the main page. If that happened to this site, it

would be better than Da Black Goku?s.

The last site I visited was ScottyL?s DragonBall Information Web Site. Like

today?s basic web page layout, this one has it also. The menu bar is on the left, and the

displayed information is in the center of the page. Of the three sites this one was the least

visually appealing. All I can say is black , white, red, and blue. The entire left side of the

page is black. The farther you look down you notice red letters, these letters are hard to

read because they are small and blend in with the black. The center or display part of this

site is dull. The only attention getter is the image of Freeza, a villain in the series, at the

top, center of this page. Other than that their is nothing to look at on the page, the white

center really makes this page bland and bare. If I were to make a page on DBZ, I would

want to get the viewers attention by using color and images, that is something that this

page lacks. As on every other Dragon Ball Z site on web, it has the basic options to

view, i.e.. bios on characters, attack list, episode lists, and news about the series. What

people in the U.S. don?t know is that Dragon Ball Z was made in 1994-96. Basically this

series has been aired completely in Japan, and people here watching the show think that is

all new stuff. Yeah it is 4 years new now. Of the three sites this was the weakest

conveying it?s message. There isn?t as much information on this site as the others, and a

dragon Ball Z site message should be: A Dragon Ball Z information overload, and look

good at the same time. This site has neither I think.

By doing this assignment, I have realized that there are a lot of Dragon Ball Z

websites on the internet. If you get a chance please visit them and look at them. In the

introduction I?ve given you the address for these sites. The printouts are all wrong

because the printer didn?t want to print out massive amounts of black ink. I think that

web sites are easier to look at and look better on the computer. Overall this assignment

was an interesting one, for the reason I like the internet and Dragon Ball Z. The main

point I must convey is that eventhough the sites I visited had basically the same

information available, all of the sites are different in their own ways. On Da Black

Goku?s site, you could download full episodes and watch music videos of Dragon Ball Z,

on the DBZ Network, you get a plethora of information , and on Scottyl?s page you get

the normal Dragon Ball Z experience.


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