Grapes Of Wrath Movie Review Essay Research

Grapes Of Wrath Movie Review Essay, Research Paper

Grapes of Wrath Movie Review

Would John Steinbeck be proud of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company?s productions of the Grapes of Wrath? No. This production of the Grapes of Wrath does the book no justice and lacks a very important theme presented throughout the novel. One theme, which it lacks is–?I to we.? This play was very limiting in that it only presented one family?s plight and not a panoramic picture. A key example of this would be the absence of the Wilsons. This family was very important, to the theme as well as the characters? development.

There are many difficulties encountered when trying to make a novel into a stage production. However, Mr. Galati has done a poor job, getting across the importance of the novel. He could have dissected key parts of the novel to incorporate into the script. Simply, using two families would have done the book justice. Two families that shared the same plight and fate, such as, The Joads and The Wilsons would have been sufficient. Using the Wilsons, would help the audience better understand that the Joads weren?t the only family affected by the Dust Bowl. The audience, would also have a better understanding of the ?I to we? theme. The Wilson?s were also important to character developments of Jim Casy and Ma Joad. The role of The Wilsons, in the novel, could have been used to a better advantage for the sake of the novel and the audience?s understanding. In the novel, Ma has a conversation with Mrs. Wilson which states, ?if I was in trouble I would help you just as you would for me.? That statement was essential for the plot and the theme of the novel.

For the most part, the Steppenwolf Company, did a decent job casting the characters with the exception of a few. Ma Joad was one on my favorite characters in the novel because she was portrayed as being a strong woman. She was just the opposite on stage. Ma is seen as weak. After the death of Rose of Sharon?s baby, Ma is on her hands and knees weeping. The Ma Joad illustrated in the novel, who ? showed no hurt or pain because Old Tom and the kids could know no pain? did a disappearing act on stage. Instead, she was very emotional and sentimental. On the other hand, Ruthie Winfield and Uncle John, Noah, Grandpa, Al and Grandma were all casted well. Jim Casy confused me a little, but his part was played well.

Tom seemed very temperamental just as he did in the book.

Overall, the play wasn?t the best. It strayed from the novel too much for my liking. Without, theme and character developments the played was lacking. The Steppenwolf Theatre Company could have done a much better, without adding the Wilsons to the play. They could have utilized the characters that they had. Magnifying the role that Wilsons played would have emphasized the theme.


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