Kashmir Essay Research Paper Since the partition

Kashmir Essay, Research Paper

Since the partition of India in 1947, there?s been a dispute over the land of Kashmir. Since the Maharaja of Kashmir sought its Independence but then chose to make the country part of India and the Pakistinians intervened militarily, claiming that their was a national extension of their country.

Kashmir is an area on the border between India and Pakistan.

The culture of the region of Kashmir is a mix of different religion and ethnicity.s

The situation in Kashmir, has caused a separation of religions. ?Most are Muslims, but about a fourth belong to other religions, including Hinduism. Culturally, the Muslims and Hindus belong to the same group, with the same language and customs.? (1) Relative to this, the religion mixes with the people of Pakistan, because they are Muslim; however, the people in India are mostly Hindu. ? Among the Muslims, who first came to Kashmir at the beginning of the fourteenth century as missionaries of Islam, the Sunnis far out-number the Shiites, and there are many more descendants of converts than of Muslim immigrants.?(2) This statement implies that the Pakistanis had a huge impact on the people of Kashmir. ?Ancient Hindu society was characterized by subdivision into castes, which had, however, lost heir rigidity under the influence of Buddhism; Kashmir has been, since the early fifteenth century, composed of only the Brahmans- situation without parallel elsewhere in India.? (2) With the mix of cultures, the Buddhists people of Kashmir are different than other Hindu people in India. Although there is influence from both, Pakistan and India, it is evident that the Pakistinians have created the dominant religion.

The dispute over Kashmir came about after the subcontinent of India became independent from Britain in 1947, and was the land not included in either Pakistan or India.

War Paragraph

JAMMU AND KASHMIR. Located in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent in the area of the western Himalayas, the territory of Jammu and Kashmir has been in dispute between India and Pakistan since the partition of India in 1947. The territory is bounded on the northwest by Afghanistan, on the north and east by China, on the south by India, and on the west by Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir has an area of 86,023 square miles (222,798 square kilometers), which is divided into regions of Indian and Pakistani control. The administrative capital of the Indian sector is Srinagar in summer and Jammu in winter. Muzaffarabad is the administrative capital of the Pakistani sector. Part of the Ladakh area of eastern Kashmir has been occupied by China since 1962.

The territory of Jammu and Kashmir is composed of various geographic zones, including the plains, the foothills, the Pir Panjal Range, the Vale of Kashmir, the central Himalayan zone, the Upper Indus Valley, and the Karakoram Range. Wild animals found in Jammu and Kashmir include ibex, urial (a kind of wil


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