Critical Fiction Questions Essay Research Paper 1What

Critical Fiction Questions Essay, Research Paper

1.What kind of Narrator tells the story? Is the Narrator’s information reliable? Of you think the Narrator is not reliable, explain why and what the author’s purpose would be for using an unreliable Narrator.

The third person omniscient narrator is the one who is telling the story. Part of it was reliable. The realistic one, the one that everybody in typically setting does natural act. The symbolic part which the names, signs, and other things that represent some other issues was not really that reliable. It is kind of obvious that the author purposely created those images.

2.Explain from whose point of view the story is being told. What kinds of information/knowledge does the Narrator make sure we know about, and what kinds of details does the Narrator choose not to tell us? Explain why the Narrator chooses to emphasize some details and brush aside the others.

The third person??s point of view was used executively throughout the story. The narrator makes sure that readers know 1. Hulga/ Joy??s detailed characteristic 2. Pointer??s in depth physical condition 3. Mrs. Freeman??s ability to see the real Hulga/ Joy. 4.

3. Given the details and the reliability of the Narrator, explain whether you think the Narrator is telling the story from a typically “male” or typically “female” perspective. Does the Narrator seem to be “more” sympathetic towards males or females in the story?

The answer for this one is not the clear. It would be suitable to say it is from a typical female??s point of view. The evidences were (1) The beginning of the story, author used detailed long paragraph to describe characters. (2) It focused a lot on women??s daily life. (3) The only male character involved was Pointer.

The narrator seems to be more sympathetic towards female character since female character was the victim in the story. However, this is not very noticeable due to the different treatment of each characters.


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