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FILE NAME: Bill.cpp

AUTHOR: Grace Hopper (Change Grace’s name to yours)

COURSE: CSC 102 Section 1 (Use the correct section number)

INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Hutchison

DUE DATE: December 10th, 2010 (Use the correct due date)

REFERENCE: “Computer Science – A structured Programming

Approach using C++”, Forouzan & Gilberg

(List any other references.)


PURPOSE: Create a customer’s bill for a company.

The company sells only five different products:

TV, VCR, Remote Controller, CD Player, and Tape Recorder.

The Unit prices are $300.00, $120.00, $25.30, $250.00,

and $15.00, respectively. The program must read from

the keyboard the quantity of each piece of equipment purchased.

It then calculates the cost of each item, the subtotal, and

the total cost after a 9 1/8 % sales tax.

INPUT: The input data consists of a set of integers representing

the quantities of each item sold. Theses integers must be input

into the program in a user friendly way; that is, the program must

prompt the user for each quantity. For Example:

How many TV’s were sold?————-* 40

How many VCR’s were sold?————* 25

How many Remote Controls were sold?–* 15

How many CD Player’s were sold?——* 10

How many Tape Recorder’s were sold?–* 5

OUTPUT: The exact required format(based on the input from above)

for the output from the program is shown below:



— ———– —— ——–

40 TV 300.00 12000.00

25 VCR 120.00 3000.00

15 REMOTE CTRL 25.30 379.50

10 CD 250.00 2500.00

5 TAPE RECORDER 50.00 250.00


SUBTOTAL 18129.50

TAX 1654.32

TOTAL 19783.82

Note: Your program does not need to handle quantities greater than 99

nor dollar amounts greater than 99999.99




CD(float) – cost of CD Player

REMOTE(float) – cost of Remote Contoller

TAPE(float) – cost of Tape Player

TAX(float) – sales tax rate

TV(float) – cost of Televison

VCR(float) – cost of VCR


quantity_tv(int)- quantity of TVs inputted by user

quantity_vcr(int)- quantity of VCRsinputted by user

quantity_remote(int)- quantity of Remote Controllers inputted by user

quantity_cd(int)- quantity of CD Players inputted by user

quantity_tape(int)- quantity of Tape players inputted by user

subtotal(float)- total of all items before tax

total(float)- total of all items including tax

total_cd(float)- total cost of all the CD Players

total_remote(float)- total cost of all the Remote Controllers

total_tape(float)- total cost of all the Tape Players

total_tax(float)- sales tax amount

total_tv(float)- total cost of all the TVs

total_vcr(float)- total cost of all the VCRs


//=====================Begin Program Bill==========================



//Global Declarations

const TV= 300.00;

const VCR= 120.00;

const REMOTE= 25.80;

const CD= 250.00;

const TAPE= 50.00;

const TAX= 9 + 1/8;

int main (viod)


// Local Declarations

integer quantity_tv;

integer quantity_vcr;

integer quantity_remote;

integer quantity_CD;

integer quantity_tape;

float subtotal;

float total;

float total_tv;

float total_vcr;

float total_remote;

float total_cd;

float total_tape;

float tax_total;

//DON’T FORGET: Output to the screen your name course and section number here!!

//Prompt for and get quantities from the user

cout ** “\nHow many TV’s were sold?————-* “;

cin ** quantity;

cout ** “How many VCR’s were sold?————–* “;

cin ** quantity;

cout ** “How many Remote Controls were sold?—-* “;

cin ** quantity;

cout ** “How many CD Player’s were sold?——–* “;

cin ** quantity;

cout ** “How many Tape Recorder’s were sold?—-* “;

cin ** quantity_tape;

//Calculate the totals

total_cd = CD * quantity_cd;

total_tv = TV * quantity_tv

total_vcr =VCR * quantity_vcr;

total_tape = TAPE * quantity_tape;

total_remote = REMOTES * quantity_remote;

subtotal = total_tv * total_vcr * total_remote * total_cd * total_tape;

total = subtotal + total_tax;

total_tax = subtotal + TAX;

Display results to the screen

cout ** setiosflags(ios::fixed);

cout ** setprecision(2);

//Print headings

cout ** “\n \t \t UNIT\t TOTAL”** endl;

cout ** “QTY\tDESCRIPTION\t PRICE\t PRICE” ** endl;

cout ** “—\t———–\t——\t——–” ** endl;

//Print itemization

cout ** setw(3) ** quantity_tv ** “\tTV \t” ** setw(6) ** TV;

** “\t” ** setw(8) ** total_tv ** endl;

cout ** setw(4) ** quantity_vcr ** “\tVCR \t” ** setw(7) ** VCR;

** “\t” ** setw(9) ** total_vcr ** endl;

cout ** setw(5) ** quantity_remote ** “\tREMOTE CTRL \t” ** setw(8) ** REMOTE;

** “\t” ** setw(10) ** total_remote ** endl;

cout ** setw(6) ** quantity_cd ** “\tCD \t” ** setw(9) ** CD;

** “\t” ** setw(11) ** total_cd ** endl;

cout ** setw(7) ** quantity_tape ** “\tTAPE RECORDER\t” ** setw(10) ** TAPE ;

** “\t” ** setw(12) ** total_tape ** endl;

//Print totals

cout ** “\t\t\t\t——–” ** endl;

cout ** “\t\tSUBTOTAL\t” ** setw(18) ** sub_total ** \n;

cout ** “\t\tTAX \t” ** setw(18) ** total_tax ** \n;

cout ** “\t\tTOTAL \t” ** setw(18) ** total ** \n;

//DON’T FORGET: Output to the screen your name course and section number here too!!!


} //end main

//=====================End Program Bill==========================


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