Annabell Lee Essay Research Paper In the

Annabell Lee Essay, Research Paper

In the poem Annabell Lee the poet Eggar Allen Poe brings

out the theme that true love will never die.

This is a poem that is timely in its relevance. There are few

people who ever find true love. But for the people who do find perfect love,

the love for their mate, the love for their companion does not die with that

person. To Poe this poem had a great deal of relevance because Poe wrote

this poem about how he felt after the loss of his dear wife.

In this poem, the fact that true love never dies is practically

shoved down the reader s throat. Throughout the entire poem the poet states

over and over that his love for Annabel Lee is a love that feels greater than

love. And he feels that angels in heaven are jealous of his love and that is the

reason she died. Then he states that And neither the angels in Heaven

above/ Nor the demons down under the sea,/ Can ever dissever my soul from

the soul/ Of beautiful Annabell Lee. He basically states there that his

remarkable and rare love will not ever dissolve, even though his companion

is deceased.

The poet goes on to say For the moon never beams without

bringing me dreams/ Of beautiful Annabell Lee. Through this statement Poe

is trying to say that just because she died doesn t mean he s is not still with

her. He is with her in his dreams, and that when the angels took her away

from him it was pointless because their love is as strong as ever.

Finally, one of the last statements made in this poem is one

that shows great compassion. It states And the stars never rise but I see the

bright eyes/ Of beautiful Annabell Lee; And so, all the night-tide; I lie down

by the side/ Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride. Now, the

creator of this poem is saying that death did nothing to stop their love, and

that he feels just as close to her as when she lay by his side giving him

comfort and the will to go on.

This theme has a quality to it that makes sense to almost any

generation. Some people, although few, have experienced the truth behind

the theme: death can not stop true love. Although not all people find true

love, there will always be those who will find it for generations to come.

Death can not stop true love is a relevant theme to the poem Annabell Lee. The theme

expresses the feeling Poe had toward his deceased wife. Since, she was really the reason

he composed this poem. It was about her.


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