Cars The Simple Object Big Trouble Essay

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A car is supposed to make your life easier and more helpful. In most cases this is true, however when you are trying to park and drive on Teas Tech campus this is not the case. Texas Tech is one of the biggest land areas for a college campus, however the campus is not equipped to handle the amount of cars that the students own. In this paper I am going to describe to you how bad the parking on campus is.

The way the parking system works on campus is that it is split up into sections. These sections are the faculty sections and the students? sections. The faculty has yellow stickers, while the students have gray or red stickers that they put on their car. To have a gray sticker, you must live on campus and own a car. The red stickers are for the commuter lot. This is provided for the off campus students. The way these lots work is that they are first come first serve. For instance commuter people are allow to park in the parking lot of the football stadium and a lot past Indiana avenue. The complaint I have with this kind of parking system is the location of the Chitwood/Weymouth complex.

The Chitwood/Weymouth complex provides very few good parking spots. This number is about 40 good parking spots for over a thousand people. It is very difficult to get into one of these spots. The next nearest lot is across a courtyard and past the dining hall, Wiggins. This is a pretty good walk if you have to park at the end of the parking lot. I believe that we have paid the school a lot of money to live in the dorms, to not have very good service provided for us. It would be very scary and dangerous for a girl to walk alone through this parking lot at nighttime. This could cause her to be rapped, beaten or mugged. Although this has only happened on rare occasions, this should never happen.

Another thing that happens often in the Z-4 parking lot is that a lot of cars get broken into. This has been a major problem for the Campus police. There are nightly rounds done by the police, but due to the location of the parking lot the police can not actually keep an eye on it. I should be able to leave my car in a parking lot and not have to worry about somebody stealing it or breaking into it.

Another major problem that Texas Tech has is that it enforces the parking way too seriously. The way that Weymouth is set up is that it has reserved spaces for people who work there. I have no problem with this except that the parking spaces are never filled. The much needed parking spaces are going to waste and making many of us run late for appointments, because we are trying to find a parking space. If you do park illegally however you will get a ticket. These tickets can range anywhere from ten dollars to five hundred dollars, if you get caught. If you are not blocking a traffic lane or a fire lane it should not matter where you park..

The reason that all these complaints have to go back to is that there are not enough parking spaces for the amount of cars that are there. The only way that this problem will be fixed is if Texas Tech would expand their parking lots so they could accommodate their students.


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