How To Pick Your Ideal Customer Essay

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Personal Selling Situation

I will be selling my knowledge of event planing and promotions, to advertisers and marketers that may have interests in reaching and surveying specific target audiences. My ability as an event planner and concert promoter has allowed me to provide advertisers various effective ways of courting and testing pre-selected target audiences. The normal types of advertisers for this kind of event are alcohol companies, tobacco companies, record companies, and clothing companies. Fortunately, the Internet provides us with numerous new .com companies, who are avid advertisers that are willing to try different means of advertising and surveying.

The usual scenario goes as follows:

I will submit a proposal to a potential client, know as the sponsor hereafter, for sponsorship of an event planned for a specific, pre-selected target audience. This particular proposal expresses the many benefits and features of sponsoring a black spring break festival, held in Biloxi, MS. The sponsorship will require the sponsor to pay the amount of requested for the sponsorship, to receive all of the added exposure, features and benefits of joining this CO-marketing alliance.

Features and Benefits

? Exposure to over 30,000 young black adults between the ages of 18-28

? Radio Exposure in 5 states on the most popular urban contemporary radio stations

? Exposure in 5 states to major market print media in those states, through press releases and conferences

? Over 100,000 hand distributed fliers in 5 states brandishing your company logo as a sponsor

? Over 10,000 posters hanged throughout 5 states

? Over 100,000 mass emails

? Numerous opportunities to hang corporate sinage around the venue

? Constant reminders of your sponsorship to the audience through the duration of the event

? A great place to distribute point of purchase merchandise

? A arena to use this as a new product test market

? Ability to survey and test the consumers of this market as they attend this event


? To reach at least 15% of the desired target market

? To be able to survey the available audience

? Provide entertainment and food options in the daytime to initiate contact with sponsors

? Provide and enjoyable evening concert event

? Provide forums for young adults to express their views and opinions on different topics

? Give aspiring young black artists opportunities to showcase their talents for a large audience

? Create a environment for young entertainment professionals from different regions to network and socialize

? Create a safe environment for young black adults to enjoy their spring vacations or weekend

Why & How

? How do you determine what market is targeted?

? How do you plan to market to this audience?

? What is the target market for this event?

? When is the potential date?

? Why was that date chosen?

? What areas will be most saturated with promotions?

? What will be the most effective means of promotions?

? What types of legal ramifications need to be met?

? What percentage of the targeted audience do you expect to attract?

? How much will it cost?

Who I Want

I desire to attract sponsor that has specific interests in targeting young black adults and college students through entertainment events. I must first create a proposal for sponsorship that sparks interest in the minds of the sponsors. I will first check for sponsors that normally go for this type of event such as, liquor companies, clothing companies, record companies, and tobacco companies. Now with the increase in technology there are quite a few more potential sponsors for this sort of event. Some are, companies, companies, companies and more.

Customer Profile

The ideal customer for this situation is an advertiser that wishes to come into direct contact with their target market in a social atmosphere, to stimulate product awareness.


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