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Real Heroes Essay, Research Paper

Real Heroes

What is a hero? Who can be considered as a hero? According to the dictionary ‘hero’ is defined as: 1. a person remembered or admired for (an act of) bravery, strength, or goodness; 2. the most important character in a play, poem, story, etc. In our real life or in history, most of the heroism always involves violence. Is it necessary to have fighting in order to constitute a hero?

I watched the movie The Road Warrior yesterday. There is too much violence in the movie. The desire for gasoline, property and women contributes the fighting. Though Max is brave, strong, he cannot be considered as a hero. He helps the people to fight against the Mohawks, but he just wants to take the revenge as they hurt him. He protected the people by his personal desire i.e. get the gasoline for his car. I think real heroes are those people who try to avoid injury and death.

Generally speaking, almost all the heroes in the history are combatants. I think only those who protected their country or fought for peace are real heroes. But sometimes, some of them wished they could earn the fame after their sacrifice. As I said hero should not have personal desire. So they cannot be considered as heroes. How about the brave soldiers fight for wealth and land for the King, are they heroes? Absolutely, they are not heroes. They are the puppets of the King.

In the Road Warrior, the result of the battle is the increase of deaths. Max has not put any afford on avoiding the conflict. He is full of anger because he has lost all his family.

The evil side of him stimulates his desire to kill and fight. Besides, the Mohawks in the movie are just troublemakers. They are not scared of getting hurt and being killed, so they are brave. From their appearance, they are strong to. So can they be defined as heroes? Of course, they are not heroes. They are happy about making the bloody battle.

They are slaughter men.

Who do I think are heroes? Mother Teresa is an example. She devoted all her life in helping people in the third world. She never asked anything back. She donated every penny to help tens of thousands of people in slums of Third World countries. She spent her life doing charity work for the poor. Furthermore, heroism not only limited to males.

In my point of view, heroes should consist of some kind of special qualifications. They can do the thing that normal people cannot do, such as having the great ability to solve problems. Also, real hero should be righteous, knowing what self is doing. His position as a hero depended upon his understanding his place in society and knowing the social responsibility. Take the fireman as an example, he cannot think about his safety when he is trying to save a person under bad condition because this is his duty.


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