Sex Vs Drag Racing Essay Research Paper

Sex Vs Drag Racing Essay, Research Paper

Igor Galibov




Have you ever wondered what could be as satisfying and pleasuring as an excellent night of passionate and unforgettable sex? Did you ever think that drag racing could be just as pleasing and gratifying as sex? While the two may seem worlds apart in their maneuvers, sex and drag racing are both exiting, riveting, and stimulating experiences. From the initial roar of the engine to the initial electrifying touch, the two are quite parallel in their enjoyable nature and are very alike in their fulfilling effects on most human beings.

Both start slow, with careful thoughtful movements to ensure a smooth ride. The gentle kiss that lingers longer with every touch of the lips so like the foot gradually pushing the acceleration to make sure the car is warm enough to ride. Once the engine is roaring eagerly, the sound is a message to the driver that it is ready for the next step. In bed, you feel the warm body next to yours, rushing with the blood pumping to its every extension. Just as waiting for the light to turn green, you wait for the signal to proceed to the next level of intimacy. The anxiety builds within, as you wait for what is to come.

Finally, you shift the car into first gear as your hands reach to undo the first buttons. You slowly accelerate and wait for the reaction of the car; it is like your partner allowing you to proceed. As you accelerate and shift into the second gear you sense the car torque forward with a strong force, as your clothing starts to come off with rapid swiftness from your shoulders. You feel the pleasing warmth coming form your partner and a delightful gasp for air at the same time, the loud, satisfying noise that your engine produces which is so soft and satisfying to the ear of the driver. You start to feel the engines heat inside the car as it gains revolutions. The car is ready for second gear now as it is flowing down the road, gaining speed and momentum. Between the sheets, the movement is advancing in its intensity, more sure and assertive now.

The action continues to build as the driver?s thrill is ringing in his ears, drowning out the outside world. The lovers themselves, nor see or hear anything around, caught in their own private world. They are one-on-one with each other, completely in tune, just as the driver must become with his car. The time has come to shift the knob into the third gear, at that time your body starts to shiver, it is just like two naked body?s cuddling one on top of the other and gently progressing to the next level. That is it, the point of no return, you must go on.

Just for half of a second the engine drops its rpm?s and its loud sound, as you kick in the fourth gear, your rpm rises up to six hundred rpm?s. The car start roaring and you become one with the car. In bed, you will look at each other and you both know that your bodies are becoming one as you start rocking back and fourth with a captivating feeling inside of you. Your partner starts to make the sounds of the wild, as you both continue kissing and caressing at the same time. You look at you speedometer and you see that the car is going 115 mph. As you glance at your gages to make sure you are not over-working the car; flip open the nitrous button and weight for the right moment to squeeze it.

The car has given all it?s got; you feel the heat coming inside the car, just like, you sense your partner is giving all the energy they got. At this point you squeeze the nitrous and you feel the car torque forward with enormous energy, your speedometer jumps from 130 mph to 160mph in just few second, the power travels from the inside of the engine and ejects through the exhaust system. The lovers are simultaneously at their climax; a feeling of pure ecstasy floods their bodies, as they?ve reached the finish line as well. The driver and the lovers both fall back, as they are completely spent. Both the drag race and the love-making have put their participants through a physically charging and emotionally fiery experience, after which both need a period of cooling off and rebuilding steady strength. As the car?s cooling system begins to travel through the pipes, the driver is outside lighting a cigarette. Only a rush such as sex or a lightning fast drag race can make a cigarette taste so good.

word count 788


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