Utopia Essay Research Paper Utopia is supposed

Utopia Essay, Research Paper

Utopia is supposed to be a place or state of perfection. But the word can also be used as something that is unattainable. This piece will focus on the latter idea.

A perfect society is truly impossible, if it’s meant for everyone. Different people have different notions of what an ideal world is. For one person, utopia could be on a deserted island with that special person, getting back to the rustic basics. For another, it could be a non-stop party with scores of people. Some people even think of the “classic” life of a loving a spouse, two kids, two cars, and a white picket fence as their perfect world. A universal utopia doesn’t exist because it’s a personal,unique dream.

For most people, utopia involves a life without pain, both physical and emotional. Much of this pain come from the very things that exite us and make us happy. These are things like intimate relationships and physical sports. As they say, ” no pain, no gain,” and rightfully so.

For utopia to exist, most aspirations of grandeur would have to be obliterated, as that is what utopia is: the height of all hopes and dreams; nothing can be better. But it is part of human nature to envy those above us, and to wish for a better place and time. Perhaps, then, utopia has already been reached, though not by humans. Animals seem perfectly content in their natural habitats and for the mist part stay in their own niche. At any rate, the very hopes and dreams that push us toward our own utopia are what prevent us from attaining it.

Money is also an immense hurdle to cross on the way to the perfect world. For some, the goal is to obtain as much as possible and have unlimited material possessions. Others dream of a world where currency is abolished, or where everything is free. Bartering may not be a sufficient substitute, for that matter, because hoarding would still be an issue. Money can also be a control tool used by those with great amounts of it, which throws free will out the window.

If utopia is the state of perfection, of idealistic tranquility, it may not be achieved by means synonymous with progress (as in Brave New World). A level of utopian life may be possible, however, through reflection upon oneself and others, in order to discover a suitable compromise between dreams and reality.


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