Napoleon Bonaparte 2 Essay Research Paper The

Napoleon Bonaparte 2 Essay, Research Paper

The book I read call Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars by

Albert Marrin is about the life and struggle of Napoleon Bonapart. The

book talk about everything in his life, from the time he was born to the

time he died. The setting takes place in different places, from where hi

was born, where he fought, and were he died. The time period is from


Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769, in Ajaccio, Corsica,

and was given the name Napoleon. He was the second of eight

children of Carlo Bonaparte and Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte.

Through his father’s influence, Napoleon was educated at the expense

of King Louis XVI, at Brienne and the +cole Militaire, in Paris.

Napoleon graduated in 1785, at the age of 16, and joined the artillery

as a second lieutenant. Also in 1796, Bonaparte was made

commander of the French army in Italy. Napoleon, no modest soul,

decided to leave his army and return to save France. In Paris, he

joined a conspiracy against the government. In the coup d’etat of

November 9-10, 1799, he and his colleagues seized power and

established a new regime the Consulate . Under its constitution,

Bonaparte, as first consul, had almost dictatorial powers. The

constitution was revised in 1802 to make Bonaparte consul for life

and in 1804 to create him emperor.

The cult of Napoleon as the man of destiny began during his

lifetime. In fact, he had begun to cultivate it during his first Italian

campaign by publishing his victories. As first consul and emperor, he

had engaged the best writers and artists of France and Europe to

glorify his deeds and had contributed to the cult himself by the

ceremonies with which he celebrated his rule, picturing himself as the

architect of France’s greatest glory. He had preserved the

achievements of the Revolution in France and His goal, he said, was

to find a European state a federation of free peoples. He became

the arch-hero of the French and to the world. Napoleon died on May

5th, 1821. Although there were rumors that he was poisoned. In

1840 his remains were returned to Paris at the request of King

Louis-Philippe, where they now rest in a great marble tomb in Les


Napoleon was a driven man, never secure, never satisfied.

Nothing and no one, however, were allowed to interfere with his

work. His life was work-centered, even his social activities had a

purpose. Napoleon’s influence is evident in France even today.

Reminders of him in Paris is the most obvious being the Arc de

Triomphe, the centerpiece of the city, which was built to remember

his victories. The country’s basic law is still the Code Napol on.

Napoleon’s radical reforms in all parts of Europe cultivated the

ground for the revolutions of the 19th century. Today, the impact of

the Code Napol on is apparent in the law of all European countries.

The author did not really show a point of view, he was very

factious about the life of Napoleon. The purpose though was very

easy. He likes writing nonfiction books on great leaders for young

people. He has written many books, and Napoleon and the

Napoleonic Wars is his favorite. My opinion on this book is that I

actually liked reading this. The book was very well written and it did

not get boring. It talked about almost everything that happened in

Napoleon s life. I would recommend this book to a young person, I

think they would like it.


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