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Rocking Horse Winner By Lawrence Essay Research

Rocking Horse Winner By Lawrence Essay, Research Paper

"The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence talks about a family who

lived in style, but always had anxiety in their house. There was never enough

money. The parents knew the children were growing up and they would need money

to send their children to school. The house came to be haunted with the phrase:

There must be more money! There must be more money! The children could here it

aloud but never dared to say it. The mother believed they were poor due to the

fact her husband had no luck. One day the boy asked his mother what luck really

was. She replied,"It’s what causes you to have money. If you are lucky you

have money. That’s why it it’s better to be rich. If you’re rich you may lose

your money. But if your lucky, you will always get more money." The boy

told his mother he had luck. The boy knew she did not beleive him and this

started the boy on his journey with the rocking horse. The rocking horse gave

luck, which is exactly what the boy, Paul, needed. Only Paul at first could hear

the real truth from his rocking horse. The rocking horse would tell Paul who the

winner of the race would be. Paul and his uncle Oscar used this information to

gamble on horss and were able to win piles of money. This money he gave

anomously to his mother to use for anything that was needed. it was one night

that Paul was riding his horse at full speed when suddenly a blaze of light hit

him up. He screamed, "Malabar!" Then he fell off with a crash that

would put him into unconsciousness; he never did recover from that fall. He died

later that night. Paul needed his rocking horse, without it he would never have

felt that luck. Luck gave him a sense of worth that wold help him to know that

he could succeed later in life. The rocking horse let him forget all his worries

and focus on the "winner". He loved to ride his rocking horse. Every

time he jumped on it was like the biggest race he would ever be in and gave it

his all. Paul died doing something he loved and this gives the audience closure

to a great story.

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