Beowulf And Revenge Essay Research Paper Revenge

Beowulf And Revenge Essay, Research Paper


Is revenge an excuse to commit murder? Some people might think it is.

In the epic poem Beowulf, the anonymous author believes this. Beowulf was

written between the 8th and 10th century and the transcripts were kept in a

monastery. The transcripts were there until King Henry VIII desolved all

monasteries, and then the writings of Beowulf were used to wrap butchered

meat. When Beowulf battles Grendel, fights Grendel s Mom, and brawls with the

dragon the author seems to believe that revenge is an excuse for murder. In

every confrontation revenge is involved.

The struggle between Beowulf and Grendel is the first example of

revenge in the book. Grendel is frustrated because he is not allowed to interact

with people. Grendel becomes so enraged that he goes on murderous

rampages. After Grendel kills all those men, Hrothgar is furious and wants

revenge. More slender grew my strength of dear warriors; death took them

off…should the mood so take you, some tale of victory. (p66, 486-490) Hrothgar

tells Beowulf about all the lives Grendel has taken and then hopes for a victory.

Hrothgar wants this evil monster to be diminished more than anyone.

After Grendel s arm is taken off by Beowulf, the monster flees home and

dies in front of his mother. Now his mother is full of rage and wants to get even.

But his mother now purposed to set out at last – savage in her grief – on that

wrath-bearing visit of vengeance for her son. (p91, 1277-79) Grendel s mom is

clearly set out on getting revenge for her son s death. Even though her son was

killed for a good reason, she stills wants to avenge his death. One of the

greatest soldiers is killed by the Mother of Grendel. The author finds revenge a

valid excuse to commit murder.

The last and final battle is driven by revenge on both sides. A slave goes

into the lair of the dragon and steals a golden goblet. This awakes the angry

dragon. The dragon then comes to the village and breathes fire on it. Beowulf

then wants to kill the monster because of what the dragon did to his people. I

shall venture this feud and again achieve glory…if this evil destroyer dares to

come out of his earthen hall. (p130, 2512-2515) Beowulf was killed in the battle

and so was the dragon. Beowulf would not just let this dragon push him and his

people around, he had to retaliate.

All through out the lay revenge plays a part. Right from the start they talk

about how they want the monster Grendel dead. The author of Beowulf has a

strong belief that revenge is an excuse for murder and he shows this with the

battle with Grendel, the fight with Grendel s Mom, and the brawl with the

dragon. All the monsters have reasons to be mad at the people in the book and

the people have reasons to be mad at the monsters. Revenge is a cycle that

goes on and on.


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