Y2k 6 Essay Research Paper Y2K is

Y2k 6 Essay, Research Paper

Y2K is also called a bug. Y2K is one of the big problems for everyone. Y2K means many computer systems use software that tracks dates with only the last two numbers of years such as 97 instead of 1997. When 00 comes up for the year 2000, many computers will view it as 1900 instead, potentially leading to failures in business, transportation, utilities and other services. Many people are scared of Y2K because they think that world is going to end. But on the other hand I don t think that its going to be disaster as people think is going to be. There will be minor problems but it won t effect the world.

Y2K is a big problems for banks because nowadays all the banks use computers. Many people are scared because they think that they will lose all the money that they saved up in bank for all these years because people scared that the computers won t work on January 1, 2000 and they will lose all the information that they had all these years. In my opinion I think that many banks are ready for the Y2K and they have back up for their computers. So they won t screw up like big time but they will have little minor problems but they will handle it right away. And banks are already talented for screwing up in minor problems so you won t notice that they screwed up. So banks could handle it and they are not scared of Y2K.

Another thing that people are sacred is that it will effect our stock market big time. Many people are scared because they don t know what will happen in 2000. They think that the stock market will effect because it also works with computers and the computers will shutoff. They are also scared because they got an idea that the stock market will fall down and the people that invest the money they will lose their money big time. So many people who invested money in stock market they took their money back from the market. But I think that the stock market will fall down before Y2K because nobody will plan to invest money in stock market so it will effect stock market. But the people who are not scared and invest their money in stock market when it falls down and they leave their money in stock market till January 1, 2000. Those people will make money because after the January 1, 2000 if nothing happens people will want to invest their money in stock market so the stocks will go up and people who left their money in stock market they could sell it for a good price. So many people will make money on the stock market.

There are many people who are scared of nuclear weapons. They think that the computer controls the nuclear weapons and the nuclear weapons will go off automatically because of computers. People are scared because they think that the computers handle every nuclear weapon so they will go off when the Y2K comes up because the computers will have problems with working the nuclear weapons. But I think that they already worked on it and they got everything on control before they run into any problems. And computer doesn t control the nuclear weapons, it s the human being that controls the

Nuclear weapons because you can t trust on the computers because what if someone by mistake did something and everything goes off. So it is a big risk for people to let the computer control the nuclear weapons. So people control the nuclear weapons not the computers and it won t be a disaster and it won t go off by itself.

In conclusion I believe that I won t be a big problem, but it will be a minor problem. They got back up and many big companies are ready for Y2k. They got everything in control and they are not scared of Y2k. So when I wake up on January 1, 2000 the world won t come up to an end but it will be normal and it won t be a disaster outside.


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