The Interview Paper Essay Research Paper The

The Interview Paper Essay, Research Paper

The Interview Paper

Interviewer : Chen Siu Ming

Interviewee : Wanman Stoneman Chan

Date : 02 – 17 – 1998

Description of Stoneman

Stoneman is ninetieth-years-old. He is a 5 feet 8 inch Chinese boy. He has a big nose but small

eyes with glasses. By looking at his mouth, you will think that he is a talkative boy because of his big

mouth, but not. He is a passive person. If you don’t talk to him, he never opens his big mouth because

he knows his mouth stink. Although you maybe hate stink, you will like to talk with him because he is

really very kind and he can give you a good reaction and a helpful suggestion when you have any problem

you can’t solve by yourself. He is a smart boy and also a fat boy. His abdomen’s length is 37 inch. He can

eat 4 Big-Macs in the lunch, therefore he got 185 pound. He don’t like sport, so I think it is very difficult

for him when he want to lose his weight.

Interview with Stoneman

Q: It is very nice to have an interview with you. You came from Hong Kong. How long have you been

living in the United States?

A: My family came here in 1990 and I came here in 1994.

Q: Why did you come here later 4 years than your family? Did you live alone in Hong Kong when your

family was here?

A: No, I lived with my uncle. The reason why I stayed in Hong Kong was I wanted to study in the Hong

Kong University. I had to finish the high school and pass the Hong Kong Certification of Education

Examination to get in the Hong Kong University. So I stayed in Hong Kong and studied.

Q: Did you pass the exam?

A:Yes, I passed the examination but the grade was not high enough to get in the Hong Kong University.

Q: So you came here for continuous your education?

A: You can say that, but actually, my family immigrated in this country.

Q: Which college are you studying now?

A: Queensborough Community College but I will transfer to the St. John University next years because my

college is a 2-year college, so I have to go to another college.

Q: What is your major?

A: My majors are Economic and Marketing. The minor is Accounting.

Q: You have a lot of classes, do you think you can handle them?

A: Yes, of course. The America’s education is not similar to Hong Kong. I feel no pressure in studying

here. It is so comfortable to study in this country.

Q: What do you think about the differences of education or college between Hong Kong and the United


A: I don’t know how to say but I can remember that when I was studying in Hong Kong, I felt extremely

terrible pressure everyday. You know there are only 7 universities in Hong Kong and more than ninety

thousand students want to get to the universities every year. It is not enough seat to supply all the

students. You have to contend with another students. You must fight for the certification to go to the

university. That pressure drove me crazy. It was an indelible memory and I cannot forget it because it

already branded in my mind. But in this country, you can find college or university everywhere. You

don’t need to worry that you cannot go to the college. You can also apply the finical aid. The only

think you must worry about is yourself. You don’t need to strive with another students but it doesn’t

mean you don’t need to concentrate on your study. Therefore yourself is the only one you must fight to.

Q: I think you like to study in this country but do you like to live in this country? I heard that a lot of Hong

Kong people don’t like to live in here because they feel bored. They also say it is quite expensive to live

in here. What do think about this?

A: To be honest, I feel bored in here sometime. You know Hong Kong is a crowd city. I still remember

when I lived in Hong Kong, I could go to movie or go to play the t.v. games when I felt bored. It was

because I could find it easily, but it is not easy to go to movie, play the t.v. games or billiards in this

country if you do not have a car. Every time I go to the theatre, I need to spend more than half-hour to

wait a bus and the travelling time spend another half-hour, so I need at least one hour to get to the

theatre from my house. And I will not have dinner or lunch in restaurant because it really very

expensive. I can remember that I just need to spend about U.S.$2 to have a meal in McDonald in Hong

Kong but I need to spend more than U.S.$4 in here, I agree that it is quite expensive to live in this


Q: If you don’t like to live in here, will you go back to Hong Kong?

A: I don’t know that I do or do not like to live in this country. I just enjoy my study at this moment, so I can

not tell you what will happen in the future.

Q: Thank you for your time. I hope you will have a good future.

~ The End ~


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