What Makes A Good School Essay Research

What Makes A Good School Essay, Research Paper

What Makes A Good School?

According to Morrison, author of Teaching in America, schools are organized and linked to society. In chapter 3, Morrison explains the role of schooling in society, how public schools are organized, what it is like to teach in different kinds of schools, what makes a good school, and how schools are changing. He makes a lot of good points on the different topics in the chapter, but the subject that I would like to elaborate more is on what makes a good school.

Every person who wants to put use their profession of teaching would most likely want to teach in a good school. Every parent wants their children to go to a good school. But what makes a good school? Well, Morrison explains the different characteristics that make a good school. Here are some main points: Schools should be a safe environment where children can go to learn. Teacher efficacy must be present. Principal must have good management skills. There must me commitment. And parent and community interaction with the school should be present.

I think that a good school is what everybody wants. Who would not want to go to a good school? I don’t personally know what a bad school is like because all my life I have been to private schools where there is a low student teacher ratio. My school always provided a safe environment, teachers where considered as impact teachers, and there was a presence of parent-teacher interaction.

I know some people who went to public schools and I could right away see that the school was not a good one. All they would talk about was fighting. Instead of them talking about what they learned in school, they talk about how there was a fight in school or how they hate the teachers. I think that public schools need to reform on their teaching methods and their interaction with the children. Teachers must have the compassion to help the children learn as well as to provide a safe environment.

George S. Morrison,Teaching in America: What Makes a Good Teacher( Needham Heights, MA: A Viacom Company, 1997), pp.87-124.


George S. Morrison,Teaching in America: What Makes a Good Teacher( Needham Heights, MA: A Viacom Company, 1997), pp.87-124.


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