Cause And Effect Technology Essay Research Paper

Cause And Effect: Technology Essay, Research Paper


Every time period is controlled by one major force. As we begin the

new millennium, we realize that this era will be governed by technology.

In just ten years, we have developed an abundance of technological

innovations. These conveniences, including the computer and world wide

web, cellular phone and satellite television, have effected us

tremendously, making our lives both better and easier. The effects of this

Technological Revolution are not all progressive, as there are

consequences to this new world as well.

Today the most significant innovation available to us is the

computer, known best as a source to explore the worldwide web. This

vast network of websites has allowed us to sell merchandise, download

songs, advertise companies, research, send electronic mail and converse

with friends instantly. The newly-developed website,, is the

world’s first person-to-person online trading community. Just about any

item is able to be found in the numerous auctions which make up this

website. Not only can one bid on these items at discounted prices but, he

or she is also able to sell merchandise found within their own home. As is useful for buying and selling, is effective for

downloading complete songs by various artists; it is no longer necessary

to purchase a CD to hear your favorite song, you can simply download it

from this site. Electronic mail can be sent worldwide to friends and family

through the web as well. Although the worldwide web has several

meaningful purposes, it has it s disadvantages too. Not only can friendly

mail be sent from person to person, viruses, able to destroy a computer s

hard-drive, can also be sent. Not only could your computer be destroyed

through the seemingly innocent e-mail, you may also loose your personal

touch. Gone are the days of personal conversation with your friends;

these conventional dialogues have been replaced with e-messages,

where typing substitutes speech. Certainly, the online network of websites

has its uses, but with viruses impeding and personal contact loss, one must

question whether the web is superior to traditional means of


Not only has the computer made advancements in the world of

communication, the cellular phone has done so as well. These compact

phones offer the same amenities as a full-size phone, but are portable

from place to place. Traditional telephones are great communicators,

when the person needing to be contacted is at home, unlikely in the

today s busy society. With a cellular phone, one can be contacted

wherever he/she is located, making these phones exceptionally useful.

Cellular communication is also effective in emergency situations. For

example, if one were to be involved in a highway accident, a cellular

phone could quickly contact a towing company, where as a traditional

phone would be useless. Although they are extremely helpful, cellular

phones can also endanger lives. It is highly popular for people to

converse with others on these portable phones while driving. While talking

on the phone, one is no longer paying attention to the road ahead but the

conversation they are engaged in. Situations can easily be rectified with

these small phones, but in this process lives may also be lost, as many

road accidents have been attributed to the use of cell phones while


Both computers and cellular phones have made substantial

progress in the area of transmission, but technology has also furthered our

means of entertainment. Instead of basic cable boxes, many homes now

contain satellite dishes. With these systems, a television no longer has fifty

or sixty channels but hundreds. It seems as though we are never satisfied

and always need more options. With these selections, everyone has

something to watch on television, thus lessening the need for people to

leave their house. This effect of technology seems border line dangerous,

as all other aspects of life may be abandoned. People no longer leave to

exercise or go out to see a movie. Not only will the health of individuals

suffer, but also their quality of life.

The profusion of technology created within the last has effected

society negatively and positively. The world wide web, cellular phone

and satellite TV has many benefits, but users should be cautious not to

overuse these innovations. A healthy balance between traditional

communication and entertainment and technology is the best solution for

the problems we have with technology as of now. Yet, there is no denying

that technology will be improved; the new millennium is just beginning!


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