Gray Race Essay Research Paper Gray RaceA

Gray Race Essay, Research Paper

Gray Race

A lot of people today are prejudice. Most think of this as being racist. In addition, it’s making decisions on the basis of age, gender, or other features not facts. People who are prejudice can lower others self-esteem, cause discrimination, and it can lead to violence.

Prejudice lowers self esteem and hurts people mentally. Can you imagine being handicapped or having a disability? Now try to imagine applying for a job or being treated the same as someone with a disability.

We have come a long way with accepting handicaps in the world, but there is still a set back. Sure, they have special parking places, and can go shopping and spend money, but what about when they apply for a job. They get treated differently. “Employers see them as a business liability: special doors must be installed, bigger working space needs to be available, or special equipment might have to be bought.” A couple of years ago, a GM car salesman was blind. He obviously couldn’t drive but went with the customer on the test drive. He usually made a sale before they were back on the lot. His people skills outweighed the fact that he would never use the product he was selling.

In another case, Ryan White, a child from Indiana could not attend school because he had AIDs. The district super intendent, J.O. Smith, forbid Ryan from his classes. A couple of states have issued guidelines allowing children with Aids to attend schools, but few are there. Rather than the rational concern for the good of the children, Professor Robert Mnookin is concerned that the school board acts out of fear and prejudice.

Prejudice can also cause discrimination. In most cases a more powerful person against a minority or disadvantaged with holds the prejudice aditude in the same society. This results in various forms of discrimination. On March 19, in Salt Lake City, Utah, a student sued the Board of Education for discrimination against Gay and Lesbian rights. The school banned a club formed by students. The charges brought against them were that the board violates the 1st Amendment. It banned only some non-curricular clubs but allowed others to still meet. “The School Board cannot censure student speech and stop students-including gay and lesbian- and their friends-from organizing clubs just because officials disapprove of those clubs.” -Jon W. Davidson Supervising Attorney.

Another problem with Prejudice and discrimination is that it leads to stereotyping. Most people judge another on there first appearance. But what happens when your impression is wrong? You get incorrect messages and a lack of communication and respect. Due to fear, kids get labeled as being gang members because of their clothes. Young adults are angry about being stereotyped. Kids have been kicked out of the mall or restaurants because of their looks. On the topic of visual suspicion, most get based on their race and ethnic identity. It is just common sense that gangs are not just non-white, but that is what most assume. Instead of getting so worked up over this people should be worrying about the real gangs and cults, which brings me to my final topic.

Prejudice can also lead to violence, gang life, or even a cult. In March 1999, a 19-year-old was arrested for a cult killing. A 17 year-old boy and a 19 year-old women were killed during a satanic ritual mass in southern Poland. Their bodies were found cut up and burned.

How far will we go to accept Prejudice? A couple weekends ago the KKK marched through NYC Why? What did they accomplish? Nothing! They had no reason to be there at all. All they did was play dress up, march around town and annoy and offend people. A few years back, in 1993, a black man was doused in gasoline and set on fire. A note nearby read: “One les (sic) nigger more to go.” Signed the KKK. Over 40% of his body was burned.

Prejudice makes people get upset and hurt, which leads to violence. This can lead to riots, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and inequality. People need to overcome prejudice, not only here, but also all around the world. We had to be taught to be prejudice, we need to teach to how to love, respect one another and live together. Until then people who are prejudice will continue to be blind and ignorant towards people who are not like them.


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