Death Friend Or Foe Essay Research Paper

Death: Friend Or Foe? Essay, Research Paper

It is just a fact we all must die! Some of us are afraid of the uncertainty that death brings. Therefore, it is regarded as an enemy, a tragedy, and the unavoidable downside of life. Others live day by day knowing that death will come, but they have no fear. They are not in a hurry to meet him, but are making preparations for the encounter. Myself, now that I am old, will be looking forward to the place that I will be going to spend my eternity. I am an eternal being you know. I have heard it is a place I can happily anticipate. I?fm glad because I am very old and feeble.

I am ninety-five years old and it is time, death has crept in on me. I have never welcomed an unannounced stranger especially at night. This was our first encounter, yet I knew he was a friend. I was just getting ready for bed when it happened. Now, I have to remind you that I did not know that it was time to die. I just lay down and that was the last time I would ever hear my children?fs voice, or see the sun rise or set. But you see I have lived a full life and I am looking forward to going to the place that I have wanted to be all my adult life. I have to say I did not know about it when I was a child. It would have saved me a lot of excess worry if I had. But I did all that I knew how to do while I lived here on earth. My life on earth seems like such a short time when I?fm about to experience eternity.

Somewhere in the still of the night, my being, my very soul seemed to just float about my house. I am calling my body my house because I am leaving it behind. I left it right there still, cold, and lifeless. When I opened up my eyes I stood in front of a gate. This was no ordinary gate; it was made of pearl, one huge pearl, and the likes of which no man has ever seen. It opened as if by magic, but actually I was invited to come in. The light of this city was so bright and pure that it seemed to bring with it a flood of peace. But as I looked down the streets they were made of gold the quality of this gold was so pure that is was transparent. Everything was so bright and clean. The walls were adorned with all kinds of precious gems. I could not believe my eyes such beauty I have never seen before.

Now I understand, that there would be no more crying, no death, no sorrow, and no more pain. Everything that I had suffered in the past would no longer be a bother to me. I was free! Just one look at my body made me look down at the street to see my reflection in the translucent gold. My face was beautiful, even more beautiful than at my prime as a young woman. My body was perfect, and all I had to do was think about being at a place and my thoughts cause me to move at a speed faster than the speed of light. I could go anywhere in the universe. I went to places that scientist had not even discovered yet. I had always thought that traveling while I was on earth was the epitome of beauty. But this was true beauty the kind that I was unable to even dream about. Perfect peace and perfect beauty captured my every waking second, and then I realized that I had no need for sleep. Think of that I never had to sleep.

I am going to spend my eternity living just like this. I was in awe, I could never afford a place like this, nor could I earn the right to be here. I will never be sick, tired or bored. I am glad I believed the owner of this place and accepted his gift before tonight. Death is not here; he has to stop at the gate I told you about. I?fm going to thank him for being the vehicle used to bring me to this beautiful place! All of this was a gift given to me while I was on earth. No greater love could have given me a better gift and I was able to enjoy everything with the gift giver.


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