Creative Writing My Grandfather Essay Research Paper

Creative Writing: My Grandfather Essay, Research Paper

Creative Writing: My Grandfather

My Grandfather, although he moved around a lot when he was a kid, grew

up fairly well. He has lived in California, Texas, Wisconsin and many others.

He traveled to many places because of his first career.

Grandpa was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He lived there for the first

three months of his life. He then moved to Texas where he lived in the suburbs

of Dallas. He then moved to California and moved back to Texas to live with his

grandparents for times when his mother couldn’t have him stay with her. His

mother married a man named John and they moved to New Mexico. There he lived on

a dude ranch his step-father was building, and he got to ride horses a lot. His

chores there were to strip trees to help build buildings, and he took care of

the horses. He later did chores around the house. He moved out of New Mexico

after John got killed by lightning. They lived in the poor part of the city.

The thing he remembers most about his mother is that she was a free spirit. His

dad left when he was three because he couldn’t take care of any one, not even

himself. He recalled that John told lots of tall stories; something that

grandpa does often.

His first school was in California and it was a two room school house.

He had to walk home and there were water snakes in the gutters. One time when

he got home, his favorite toy, a refrigerator handle, was missing. Then he

noticed that the two trees that were in front of the house were gone. He called

the police. When the police got there, the baby-sitter was there and said the

owner had taken the trees out. When the police officer found out that a handle

was all that was missing, he gave my grandpa a lecture about only calling the

police in an emergency. He never found the handle. My grandpa liked chorus the

most, and he hated the rest of the classes. He remembers something Mr. Banks, a

math teacher, said to him. “Well Ronnie, it’s just a little to little, and a

little to late.” He is the most proud of graduating college after twenty years.

He regrets not having a teacher tell him about the importance of education.

When he was in middle school, he his favorite thing to do with his friends was

not go to school. His best friend was Eddie Boucher. He met him in grade

school. He went to Eddy’s house on the weekends, because they had good food.

He helped clean up Eddy’s fathers restaurant and they got to eat whatever they

wanted. They played snooker in the back yard on the pool table, and they went

on bike rides all over the San Fernando Valley.

My grandfather’s career started n the U.S. Air Force. He joined it

because it was an adventure. He did not have any preparation to join. He was

the NCOIC (non commissioned officer in charge) of the refrigeration shop on the

bases. After twenty years of service to the Air Force, he left that and has

been working with RCDD (residential care for the developmentally disabled). The

greatest challenge is working for these people, and that is also the reward.

The thing he most wants to accomplish is to see me graduate from college. He

does not suggest joining the Air Force, but RCDD if you have the correct nature

for the job.

He does not have a set schedule, because of his job. He likes any part

of the day as long as he does not have to do hard things. He likes any season

without ice and snow. His worst experience with ice and snow is when John got

killed by lightning. He likes to take care of his health so he keeps moving -

not die. His least favorite food is liver. He appreciates the shower most of

all modern appliances. His favorite hobbies are using the computer and watching

sports on TV He reads lots of books and appreciates good literature. He has

traveled all over the world because of his service in the Air Force. He enjoys

being with his family the most of all. His favorite experience is opening a new

computer box.

He believes that people get along by being tolerant. He said the

greatest people of this century are F. D. R., Einstein and Gandhi. The greatest

people of earlier centuries are Plato, Aristotle, Christ, Buddha and Newton.

The most significant technologies are rocket science and space travel. The

worst invention this century is the atom bomb. He believes a person need to be

adaptable to changes in society. The biggest problem is the inability of the

human race to take care of the world. People can help by paying attention and

helping to solve the problem.

Arts and crafts are parts of good living and he enjoys good art,

literature, and good music. He believes that, “To thy own self be true.” The

thing he learned from his parents is that all living things have value. Be

active in the world around you.

In conclusion, my grandfather has lived a varied life. He started out

slow but he sped up on the way and turned out well.


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