Marijuana Essay Research Paper Thecontroversy of whether

Marijuana Essay, Research Paper

Thecontroversy of whether or not marijuana should or should not be legalized started in

1996 when Califrnia passed Proposition 215. The proposition made marijuana medically

available in california. Although not an permanent solution, it does provide a defense in

criminal cases.

If marijuana were to be legalized throughout the United States, would it be of

more harm or help to the patient? Both sides of the argument have very strong cases for

what they believe. ON the anti-legalizatoin side ther are concerns of helath and mental

risk, the problem of marijuana being a stepping stone drug, and risk that the use of

marijuana encites violence. While advocates of marijuana believe it is a more effective

drug, it is more cost efficent, and the worry of once it is legalized how will it be obtained.

Both of the sides to the argument will be presented and supported fairly and in an uniased


First a brief description of what marijuana is , its past uses, and what it has become

will be presented. Marijuana is a psychoactive or mind altering drug obtaqined by

processing the hemp plant. THere are three types of the plantt which include, Cannibas

sativa, indica and rudualis.(Sussman 2) In the 1600’s hemp was a major product used in

teh manufacturing of many things, and it did not befin its recreatoinla use until the 1900’s

when it was brougth from Mexicao to replace alcohol.(Sussman 1)

Now I will begin to present the arguments brought forth by those opposing the

legalization of marijuana. In the battle against the legalization of marijuana the major

arguement is the adverse efffects of marijuana on both the mind and the body. THe most

well known damage done to the body is lung cancer. When compared to a normal

tobbacco cigeratte a joint contains five times as much carbon monoxide, four times teh

amount of tar, and it does ten times as much damage to the lining of your respiratory

system.(Sussman 3) ONe would think why would you wnat to do this to your lungs? It is

because tetrahydrocanninol or THC, the strongest psychohactive part of marijuana relaxes

and takes away your pain very quickly and effectively. Another physical risk is that you

immune system will not be as effective when using marijuana.(Sussman 3) WHich is a

very goood point. You are a ill person and you want to get better. Would you wnat to

take something that would shut down the very thing that is fighting your disease. It is a

complete contridiction as to what you ate trying to accomplish.

Another major problem found with the use of marijuana is it can cause problems in

the mind. Use can cause confusion, disorentation, and hallucinations.(Sussman 3) There

are also other mental problems created by the use of marijuana. Wehn reporting of the

mental effects users have stated they cann’t stop using the drug, loss of self confidence and

memory, family and financial problems, and withdrawl symptoms.(Sussman 6) A

physcological effect also know in the fight is that marijuana has benn studied as a stepping

stone drug. Approximately sixty percent of adult users use other drugs. While it is not

clear how one effects the other it is believed that are pleasurable drug supports the use of

other drugs.(Sussman 4) This is an effect that would cause many more problems for those

who are fighting to stop the spread of drug use.

The final arguement I will Discuss im marijuanas link to violence. Many early

studies said that marijuana was not linked to violence, but recent studies show quite the

oppostie. Twenty-seven percent of murderers had smoked marijuana twenty-four hours

before comitting the crime and twenty-five percent say that marijuana was related to the

crome.(Sussman 9) Violence ahs also occured in order to obtain the drug. They include

the crimes of theft and drug dealing.(Sussman 9) These have been just a few of the man

arguements t okeep marijuana illegal.

While ther are many good arguements to keep marijuana illegal, ther are also very

many to help legalize it. Ther are many advocates in the fight to legalize marijuana.

SOme include the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Marijuana, Jerome P. Kassier who is the editor

in chief fo the New England Journal Of medicine, and Kevin B. Reeese the attorney and

president of Common Sense for Drug Policy.

Right now marijuana is a Schedule I drug, this means it has no medical value.

Advocates wth fro it to be reclassified as a Schedule II drug. An example of a Schedule II

drug is morphine. If marijuana were t be reclassified it could prove helphull medically in

many ways.

THC has been shown to help paitents inmany areas. Its’ greatest contribution may

be to chemotherapy patients. THC can ward off theeffects fo nausea adn vomitting brougt

on by chemotherapy treatments.(Fackelmann 2) Rhicard Gralla, director of the Ochaner

Cancer INsitute in New Orleans, says that drugs availabel today offer man cancer

pationets complete freedom form nausead and vomiting.(Fackelmann 2) On the other

hand Kevin Zeese says many patients can’t take these drugs that are required to be taken

orally.(Fackelmann 2) Pro-marijuana legislators syatha tinhalatoin delivers a quicker relief

which would enable the patient to regualte the amount they recieve.(Fackelmann 2)

Which would be best for the patinet because the could keep the pain away before and still

regualte how much they will recieve.

The use of marijuana may help in other areas as well. One is Glaucoma, a disorder

in which ther is exterme pressure in the eye. One study which took place over a period of

twenty-one years showed tha tthe pressure was relieved.(Fackelmann 3) WIth the help of

a glaucome presctiptoin and marijauan the subject was able to ward off the

pressure.(Fackelmann 3) Neither approach worked alone, which is why it make many

scientist uneasy to presctibe this treatment. This is a perfect example of why I believe that

the government should fund research to help find out why this happens. The more people

know then the less they willhave to fear.

Many people ahve a great fear of hwo they will obtain the drug if it were legalized.

When Prpostion 215 was passed the DEA interpreted that law so that only pople with

prescriptoins an those tha tlook after them could grow marijuana themselves. It also

stared that they couldnot get it from “pot clubs”.(Saccamano 1) Which leaves them to

deal with drug dealers and exposes them to danger.

The cost of marijuana is also a good basis to legalize marijuaana. The cost would

be twenty to thirty dollars an ounce or thirty cents a cigarette. Zofaran a commonly used

drug would cost a patient thirty to fourty dollars a dose almost a hundred itmes as

expensice as marijuana.Grinspoon 4) Thes have been a few of the main arguements

presented by marijuana advocates.


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