Calpurnia And Portia Essay Research Paper In

Calpurnia And Portia Essay, Research Paper

In William Shakespeare s play Julius Caesar Calpurnia and Portia are two women of similar characters. Calpurnia is the wife of Julius Caesar, and Portia is the wife of Brutus. Both women are concerned with their husband s well being and fear for their lives. These two women of similar character show how women of early roman times acted towards their husbands.

Calpurnia has a dream on the eve of the ides of March of her husband s statues bleeding from stab wounds. Calpurnia tries to convince her husband to stay home from the senate on the Ides of March because she fears for his life and hopes the he cares about his life as much as she does. The following quote shows this:

Alas, my lord, Your wisdom is consumed in confidence. Do not go forth today. Call it my fear that keeps you in the house, and not your own. We ll send Mark Anthony to the Senate House, And he shall say you are not well today. Let me, upon my knee, prevail in this. (Pg. 567)

Calpurnia is begging for her husband to stay home with her for just one day. She feels that his life will be ending soon and doesn t hope that it will be that soon.

A woman of similar character Portia is the wife of Marcus Brutus-one of the murderers of Julius Caesar. Portia is concerned with what her is husband has just plotted out with his friends. She fears for her husband. He has been leaving out of the bed in the middle of the night and they have not been communicating very well.

Nor for yours neither. You ve ungently, Brutus stole from my bed, and yesternight at supper you suddenly arose and walked about, musing and sighing, with your arms across. And when I asked you what the matter was, you stared upon me with ungentle looks. I urged you further then you stamped with your foot. Yet I insisted, yet you answered not, but with angry wafture if your hand gave sign for me to leave you. So I did, fearing to strengthen that impatience which seemed too much enkindled, and withal hoping it was but and effect of humor, which sometime hath his hour with every man. It will not let you eat, nor talk, nor sleep, and, could it work so much upon your shape. As it hath much prevailed on your condition, I should not know you, Brutus. Dear my lord, make me acquainted with your cause of grief.

The quote shows how Portia wants to build a friendship with her husband. She knows her husband better that he knows himself. Brutus keeps secrets from his wife and this makes her feel as if like he doesn t want their friendship to grow he just wants them to be husband and wife. Instead of Brutus trying to make it better he made it worse.

Roman women of that time were obedient to their husbands and sometimes treated their husbands as if they were kings. Women of today and of roman times are totally different. Women are treated equally just like their husbands. Calpurnia and Portia both were treated as servants not wives.


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