Abortion Clinics Bombings Essay Research Paper In

Abortion Clinics Bombings Essay, Research Paper

In 1973, the Supreme Court decided to allow legal abortions based on the woman’s right to privacy. In the first three months, the decision to abort is left up to the woman and her doctor. In the second trimester, the state may intervene to protect the woman’s health. In the third trimester, an abortion can be denied. In 1980, the U.S. Supreme court upheld the 1976 Hyde Amendment, which withheld Medicaid payments for abortion. The abortion question is this. Does a pregnant woman have the legal right to decided for herself whether to have an abortion and does the Pro-life movement have the right to stop, at any cost by violent protests, bombings and sometimes murder women keeping them from having legal abortions?Pro-lifers portray themselves as people who are trying to save lives. While they are saving the lives of the unborn, some violent or demented people are destroying the rights and lives of innocent people by viciously, criminal means. Anti-abortions groups send pickled fetus to their congressmen and display horrid pictures of tiny-dismembered hands and feet from aborted fetuses to influence lawmakers to revise the current laws that permits abortion.Fifty years ago, people did not speak about abortion. It was considered immoral and wrong. Women who needed abortions had to see underground practitioners most not medical doctors. They had to resort to coat hangers and dangerous chemicals. These women were thought to be killing their babies. Organized religion was and is very Pro-life. They claim “It is a human being at the very beginning of life ” (Roleff, 180). They consider a few cells to be a complete human being. “Most deliberate abortions happen in the first trimester, when the embryo is less than two inches long” (Roleff, 43)The issue persisted is which comes first, the woman’s right to live? Anti-abortionists believe that in civilized societies, people should not have total control over their own bodies. They argue that some invasions of privacy are legal and acceptable. Pro-lifers stress the right to use birth control, but no woman has a right to interfere once pregnancy occurs for any reason. They feel a woman’s rights are limited once pregnant. They also believe that human life exists within the womb from the very onset of pregnancy. Pro-life groups think about the child’s life, but neglect the mother’s right and the future conditions of the child’s life. No woman should be forced to bear a child, especially one that will be unloved and suffer in poverty. These are beliefs of the pro-abortion movement. A woman’s life could be ruined, their plans for the future destroyed. “A woman is defending her health, her peace of mind, her way of life against an unwanted intruder” (Roleff, 44). when she chooses to abort. A desperate woman should never be forced to do anything with her body against her will. “In some cases forcing a woman to continue a pregnancy is extremely cruel and sadistic” (Roleff, 55).There are many reasons for a woman choosing to have an abortion, for example: she doesn’t feel ready or mature enough; she may not be able to support a child. She may not have a stable relationship to raise a child. She may be suffering from a disease like cancer, diabetes, or epilepsy. Pregnancy often makes the disease worse and could cause birth defects. A rape or incest is another reason women choose to abort.”Everyone of these reasons are valid. Women should never feel guilty when making a choice of abortion, because it is her body and her right. “Banning abortion is like-rape, the violent assertion of male domination and male supremacist society over women” (Roleff, 55). Women who are raped should not be forced to carry a baby that was brutally forced on her. She cannot be forced to love her attacker. This is a violation of a woman’s right. A woman should not have to carry a baby caused by incest.

A woman has to battle for her rights every day, and abortion is just another right that some are trying to take away. Pro-life groups are becoming more militant, they wish to take away the rights of half the population. Trying to change the laws by protesting, pro-life groups stand in front of abortion clinics, often trying to prevent entrance by patients. They preach passionately about the unborn baby’s rights and try to persuade the patients from going through with their abortion. While they harass, destroy property, burn target doctors for performing legal services, these acts often influence mentally deranged people, who, without the right, take it upon themselves to be judge and jury to others. They have targeted abortion doctors, causing fear to innocent people. Lately, they went on the Internet where they list information, such as the doctor name and address, their family members, and other information. As a doctor is killed, they scratch his name from the list. This encourages other crazy killers to continue elimination of the whole list on the Internet.The bombing of these clinics has spread terror, which is the purpose of many Pro-life groups. They take away the rights of working people and doctors who must wear bulletproof vests to practice their profession.”The bombing of clinics in the United States is cowardly, unconscionable, and illegal” (Wallace, 34). The story of Emily Lyons is unbelievable. She worked in an abortion clinic that was bombed. She was a good receptionist and nurse who helped all kinds of women. “The patients ranged from prostitutes and strippers to high school teachers and lawyers. Some patients paid extra to be brought in the back door” (Adler, 89), because they were afraid of the protesters in the front. They were right to be afraid. Doctors must protect themselves. They have unlisted telephone numbers but somehow the pro-lifers find them.Emily Lyons was 41, the mother of two daughters, and a registered nurse. She graduated from the University of Alabama. She was a beautiful, healthy woman until the bombing. The day of the bombing, she was escorted in by an officer, Robert Sanderson, who died instantaneously. He noticed something hidden behind a plant and walked over to investigate. The bomb went off, Emily was a step or two away from dying. Glass flew in her legs and face. She has had to go through many reconstructive surgeries and still lives with pain every day of her life, because of violent pro-lifers. Emily chose to work in an abortion clinic and help women. For this she has to pay the rest of her life. The bomber gave no warnings, no threats, and no one expected it. He was seen running immediately after the explosion. The authorities formally charged Eric Robert Rudolph, but he is still a fugitive to this day. “Whether you’re Pro-choice or Pro-life, bombing a clinic is wrong” (Alder, 91). To take away someone’s life because they do not share you’re opinions is wrong. Peaceful demonstrations and petitions are a way of demonstrating that is welcome and legal, but resorting to violence breeds hate and fear. The Pro-life movement must stop the violence and hypocrisy if they believe in life, all life must be protected.



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