Fences By August Wilson Essay Research Paper

Fences By August Wilson Essay, Research Paper


In the play Fences by August Wilson, Troy is shown as a man who has hurt the people who are closest to him without even realizing it. He has acted insensitive and uncaring to his wife, Rose, his brother, Gabriel and his son, Cory. At the beginning of the story, Troy feels he has done right by them. He feels this through out the story. He doesn?t realize how much he has hurt them.

Troy is the son of an abusive father. His father was hardly around to raise him. When he was around, he made him do chores and if he didn?t do them he would beat him. One time, after Troy tied up the mule, just as his father told him to, he went off to the creek with a girl to ?enjoy himself.? The mule got loose, and his father found out. His father came looking for him. When he found them at the creek, he had the leather mule straps; he started to beat Troy. Troy was naturally scared so he ran away. He looked back at his father and realized that his father didn?t care about beating him, he just wanted the girl. Troy came back; he ripped the straps out of his father?s hand. He then started to beat his father with them. His father, not afraid of Troy, beat up Troy. Troy was left there, his eyes were swelled shut. He didn?t know what to do. He couldn?t go back to his father?s house, so he went to another town 200 miles away. This is when Troy became a man at the age of 14.

In the town, Mobile, it was hard for him to survive. He had to steal food, and eventually money. A man shot him after he tried to steal his money. Troy had his knife and commenced to stab him after he was shot. They told him that he killed the man. They put Troy in the state penitentiary for that. He spent 15 long years there. When he came out, he met Rose. All of his stealing habits were gone. Troy and Rose got married. At the time, Troy had a son from a previous marriage. He never spend time with this son, because he was in jail. After they were married, they wanted to have a son. Cory, their son, was born.

Troy thought that he was a good husband to Rose because he provided her with food and a house. He wasn?t a good husband because he didn?t give her love and compassion. These two things are needed in a good marriage. She centered her whole life around him and he gave her almost nothing. When she had a problem, she couldn?t go to him. Troy also wasn?t faithful to Rose. He went off and had an affair with another woman. Rose was heart-broken by this. She couldn?t believe Troy could do this to her. She devoted her life to him and he goes and stabs her in the back. On top of that, Troy had a child with his mistress. The woman died giving birth. Troy asked Rose to take care of the baby. Rose did, what else could she have done? Troy was not a good husband.

Troy took care of Gabriel after the war. This made him think that he was a good brother. Troy wasn?t a good brother to Gabriel. He stole the war money that Gabriel got. He used the money that he got to build himself a house. Gabriel couldn?t take care of himself, so Troy oversaw Gabriel?s life. After a while Gabriel moved out. He went to live in Mrs. Pearl?s house, down the street. Troy was mad because now that Gabriel wasn?t living in his house, he didn?t collect rent from him. Troy then sent Gabriel to an institution. Since Gabriel was there, Troy got half of the money that Gabriel got from the war. Troy couldn?t care less about Gabriel; all he wanted was his money. Would a good brother do this? I don?t think so.

Troy thought he was a good father because he put a roof over his son?s head and fed him. Cory was scared of his father and he didn?t really love him. Troy didn?t want Cory to play football. This made Cory dislike him even more. He wanted Cory to work at the A&P. In Troy?s mind this was a nice, safe job. He only did this because, in his childhood Troy wanted to play baseball but he couldn?t because he was black. Troy was afraid that his son would be better than him. He also thought that the white people weren?t going to let Cory play football. He thought they wouldn?t give him a chance because he was black. Troy didn?t realize that the times had changed since he was a boy. Black people now had chances too. Being a father is more than what Troy thought. You should love you son or daughter, and care for them. You should want to spend time with them and help them through life.

All of the examples above show that Troy was a bad man. He didn?t realize that there were other people in the world beside him. Everything had to revolve around him and everything had to be centered around him. He had to have his way, or it was no way. To him, if he gave you the basic necessities of life, he did a good job.

The play wants the readers to judge Troy, as a bad husband, a bad brother, a bad father and a bad man. I feel this way, too. He cheated on Rose. Then he left her with the child he had with his mistress. He didn?t care at all about Gabriel. He stole money from him and he sent him to an institution. Troy never cared for Cory. He wouldn?t let him play football, the only thing Cory wanted to do. All of these examples show that Troy is an uncaring husband, a bad brother, a poor father and a generally an uncaring person.


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