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Two blondes decided to rob a bank together. The first blonde, plans the

* robbery and goes over the plan with the second blonde in great detail.


* robbery begins.


* The first blonde drives up in front of the bank, stops the car and says


* the other blonde, “I want to make absolutely sure you understand the


* You are supposed to be in and out of the bank in no more than three

* minutes

* with the cash. Do you understand the plan?”


* “Perfectly,” she said. She goes in the bank while the other waits in


* getaway car. One minute passes, two minutes pass…seven minutes pass -

* and the first blonde is really stressing out. Finally, the bank doors

* burst

* open and out she comes. She’s got a safe wrapped up in rope and is

* dragging

* it to the car. About the time she gets the safe in the trunk of the


* the bank doors burst open again with the security guard coming out. The

* guard’s pants and underwear are down around his ankles while he is


* his weapon.


* As the gals are getting away, the first blonde says “You are such a

* blonde!

* I thought you understood the plan!”


* The second blonde said, “I did! I did exactly what you said!”


* “No, you idiot,” she replied. “You got it all mixed up. I said tie up


* GUARD and blow the SAFE!”



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