Alternatives To Spanking Essay Research Paper Alternatives

Alternatives To Spanking Essay, Research Paper

Alternatives to spanking

My friend Amber s daughter Sara who is in the first grade was suspended from school

for hitting her teacher. Amber was outraged; she stormed down to the school to get Sara.

The teacher explained to Amber what had happened and that they will not put up with

that kind of behavior. Amber took Sara home and started yelling for her to pull down her

pants because she was going to be spanked for hitting her teacher. This disturbed me

greatly I didn t understand why Amber was punishing Sara for violence with violence.

There were many other punishments she could have given Sara without using any

violence. Taking things away from them, putting them on restriction, and make them do

extra chores around the house.

One good punishment without using violence is taking away things that your child

enjoys. If your child loves Scooby Doo take the movie away, if they have a favorite cd

or tape take it away. Then you explain to them why it is being taken away. Let your child

know that when they start to behave right that they will get it back then and only then.

This is a much better punishment then spanking because every time they want to watch

the movie or listen to their cd hey won t be able to and they will have plenty of time to

think about what they did wrong. Taking away things your child enjoys is an excellent

way to teach your child that bad behavior is not excepted and there will be consequences.

Another good punishment without using violence is restriction. I remember as a kid

restriction being the worst and most boring punishment you could give me. Restriction

means not going anywhere, not talking on the phone, and not playing with my friends.

This a good punishment because it can be long and drawn out. Every time their friends

call they don t get to talk to them, every time they are invited to go somewhere they

won t be able to go. They will have plenty of time to think of how to correct their bad

behavior since they aren t allowed to do anything else.

Finally, another good punishment without using violence is making them do extra

chores around the house. Make them mow the lawn or pull weeds anything that they will

wish they weren t doing. This is a good way for the parents to catch up with the house

work and for the children realize that they wouldn t be doing any of these chores if they

had been acting right. The best punishments for children are one where they actually have

to think long and hard about what they did.

Spanking or hitting your child is not a productive punishing tool. All it does is teach

your child to be violent. There are many other ways to punish your child besides hitting

them. Taking things away from them, putting them on restriction, and making them do

extra chores around the house are all good not violent punishments.


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