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Skinny Or Smart Essay Research Paper Would

Skinny Or Smart Essay, Research Paper

Would you rather be skinny or smart? This question hits young girls across America. Today many of our young Americans are losing weight to essentially be more ?beautiful.? I use the word ?beautiful? carefully because beautiful is not what is on the outside, but the inside is where it counts. Yes, some girls are naturally pretty and smart, but what some people don?t realize is that some of those girls are not eating and not exercising to get the body that they would like. This paper will focus on the young girls that are coming unhealthy to supposedly get the body they would like to have.

In this issue there are many different kinds of people who are involved. It includes anyone who is just not eating an essential meal. This is not just an issue for women, but I?m focusing on mainly the girls because they are the most popular group to be doing this. Each and every time one person tries to lose weight by not eating an essential meal is hurting themselves. They might not care though. Some of the girls know that trying to lose weight should be by not eating. I know for a fact that in health classes that I have had, the teacher has taught us about bulimia and other health conditions relating to this subject.

Most of the time girls are trying to act and look like celebrities. So they can hopefully be as successful as their celebrity. For instance Diana, Princess of Wales was one of the world’s most beloved women, suffered from bulimia. It is said to have developed during her unhappy marriage to Charles, Prince of Wales. People admired Diana for her warmth, honesty and devotion to her sons. But most of all, they identified with her exquisite vulnerability. Eight million or more people in the United States have an eating disorder, ninety percent are women and eating disorders usually start in the teens but may begin as early as age eight. To me the center of this problem is young women ignoring that they know what they are doing is wrong. If girls think that all guys just look at the body they are wrong. There are a few, but they grow up. You girls just can?t ignore the facts.

I see that there are a few problems with people blaming Hollywood for the impact they are giving off to young women. One of these reasons is that people don?t know or ignore the facts. Because of this, people really can?t make an educated hypothesis that young women are doing this for themselves. Another problem is that people just can?t jump to conclusions and blame Hollywood. They have to take in to consideration that teenage girls are under a lot of pressure, as all teenagers are. The pressure that they get from friends, family and school is just rough on them. They are thinking that they have to please everyone. If they just try to realize that they are not pleasing themselves, even though it may seem like it. The first step is to realize that there is something wrong and you should deal with it.

Yes, I am a male. And yes I do prefer skinnier women. But I think that if a beautiful woman is not smart and just a ?Bimbo? then she isn?t what I?m looking for. Most males look for a skinny woman. I don?t know why, it is just the way our hormones work. If a woman isn?t funny, smart and fun to be around then I see no point to hang out with them. The men who are just into the skinny waist, big breast, and long legs have a problem and should take care of it. They need to realize that women are more then a sex object. And for those who don?t agree with me, in my opinion you should ask a woman and see how see reacts.

There isn?t a big solution. Young women just need to realize that they are hurting themselves to supposedly please someone else. They are not doing it for themselves; they are just look, for the men who look at them. If women want to lose weight they should do it the old fashion way, exercise. They should have the will power to commit that if they really want certain men to look at them they should do it the right way.

Another step to clear up this skinny or smart mess is to do what the ?truth? commercials are trying to do with cigarettes. Look at the outcomes of bulimic people. Another way is to get the message out to parents and warn them that bulimia is becoming more and more popular and just sit down with their kids and explain the harmful damages it can cause on their life.

I think that if each woman knows that being smart is a lot better then being skinny, then the world be a better place for them. Until these teenagers know what they are getting into they won?t stop. So it is up to the teachers and parents to have a talk and see what they can do about it. As a teen, I would hate to see the future of out nation come so pathetic that they have to not eat to become admired.