Lord Of The Flies Book Report Essay

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Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies is a good book. It tells about a bunch of boys who get stranded on an island. They get stuck there, so they have to figure out what to do. There are lots of interesting things that happen in this book. It is a good book to read.

First, a big plane full of boys crashes next to an island. There are two boys, Ralph and Piggy, who meet each other, start talking and find a conch. One of the boys, Ralph, blows the conch and everybody from the plane crash goes to where the sound is coming from. They have a meeting and they elect a leader. This leader is Ralph.

The story starts to unfold. Ralph appoints another boy, Jack, who is a leader of a choir. Ralph tells Jack to have his choir be hunters. These boys hunt and take care of the fire. Later on, Ralph sees a plane pass overhead. He looks up at where the fire is supposed to be and it?s out. He runs up there and sees that Jack and his hunters killed a pig and they didn?t really care that the fire went out. The plane didn?t see them because Jack and his group weren?t concerned.

Then all the boys are scared. A little kid tells them about a beast and they go look for it. They find it and they get scared and run. They run, even though the beast is really a pilot that died and has a parachute attached to him. It is actually the parachute that makes the body move with the wind.

The story takes a big turn. Ralph and Jack get mad at each other in a meeting. This causes Jack and his hunters form a new tribe. Everybody leaves Ralph for Jack?s tribe. Jack?s tribe tries to kill Ralph. They do this by lighting a forest on fire to force him out. As forest burns, they all chase Ralph out and they see a sailor. The sailor came because he saw the fire. The sailor takes them home.

As you see, this is a good book. It has surprises in almost every chapter. It?s too bad that the author didn?t write a Lord of The Flies 2, because I?d read it if he did.

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