John Muir Essay Research Paper John MuirBiography

John Muir Essay, Research Paper

John Muir

Biography Report

by Ginger Wadsworth

The story takes place at Yosemite National Park from 1838-1914. John Muir

was a botanist, geologist, and writer. He had overcome earthquakes, glaciers,

and he climbs mountains. John Muir had impressed by overcoming all the

dangers like animals. He was an expert on wilderness. He knows survival

skills to stay alive. He studies nature and he writes about nature. He made a

national park system as well as the Sierra Club. He knew that the Native

Americans called the place “Pohono,” or spirit of the puffing wind. At first he

called it a “dainty little fall…only about fifteen or twenty feet high.” John

laughed after discovering that Bridalveil Fall drops 620 feet. He writes all

kinds of quotes about nature, for example: “I am captive, I am bound. Love of

pure unblemished Nature seems to overmaster and blur out of sight all other

objects and considerations.” John works in his “scribble den.” John had two

brothers and five sisters and their names are: Margaret, Sarah, David, Dan, Mary,

Annie, and Joanna. For several years, he had toyed with writing up his findings

for publication. Jeanne Carr was the one that encouraged him. She even

suggested titles and copied his notes. John decided to send an article to the

New York Tribune. To his surprise, the newspaper published “Yosemite Glaciers”

on December 5, 1871, and paid him $200, that was a lot of money back then. On

New Year?s Day in 1872, the same newspaper printed “Yosemite in Winter.” John

thought that he might be able to earn his living by writing, what he called “pen

work.” He stayed in his cabin for the winter and wrote it. He went through a

couple of earthquakes. He joined his valley neighbors and suggested they smile

a little and clap their hands. He said that Mother Earth is only trotting them

on Earth?s knee to amuse them and make them good! Everyone thought John was a

little crazy when he said that. He also farmed a lot.


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