Personal Observation Essay Essay Research Paper An

Personal Observation Essay Essay, Research Paper

An amazing wit, an outrageous sense of humor, an

extraordinary personality,

and a

worldly knowledge about life are all things that

describe one young but

amazing sophomore, Julie Rhettington. Suffering

abuse from her sister in

her younger years, Cassan learned to cope with

what some would see as

insurmountable trauma. She learned to take care

of herself and look within

for direction. Although this put a strain on

Julie, it wasn’t as harsh as

a diagnosis her family recently received, her

father is dying of cancer.

The news took its toll, but Julie has risen from

the ashes, so to speak,

and has become an amazing and vibrant young

woman. Seeing all that she has

been through, what makes this fifteen-year-old

girl have such an amazing

and inspiring outlook on life?

Blessed with a hilarious sense of humor, Julie

can make any situation

funny. She looks beyond momentary dramas and sees

the lighter side of

situations. Recently one such instance arose.

About a month ago we were all

deciding what we should do for a friends going

away party, it seemed as if

everything was destined to go wrong. The worst

part of our little party

planning adventure was making our friend Katie

a videotape of our

goodbyes. Time and time again the tape would cut

out or we’d have to

re-record, etc. Using that wit of hers, Julie and


turned the tape into this incredibly funny inside

joke. We started making up songs and doing little

skits and let everyone. Making the tape a joke


us to excuse away all of the awkward pauses and

start-over’s, etc. Julie’s demeanor also helped

de-stress the evening and made the party a


Although usually thought to be an immature


Julie’s ability to focus on the humor has helped


be flexible in any situation.

Another amazing quality Julie has is her


The ultimate optimist, Julie has this spark that

makes most people love just being around her.


of the various struggles she has been through,


has a very compassionate understanding when


people with their troubles. She is an excellent


giver and a realistic problem solver. Julie


has a smile on her face and is ready to make


else feel good about them self. For instance, my

friend Katie had a problem with her family and

Julie’s kind words and listening ear helped


better the entire situation. Julie’s spark has


helped her in her own problems. Her ability to be


loving has helped her forgive her sister and kept


as the apple of her father’s eye. Although she


that her father will probably pass on before she

graduates from high school, gets married, or has

children, Julie lives day to day with a positive

outlook on every situation.

Another admirable aspect of Julie is her strong

faith in God. Most people

faced with strong obstacles loose hope and turn

against God and his

teachings. After dealings in witchcraft and

deciding to abandon her

Episcopalian background, through her friend

KAtie she became a

Christian. She has since turned her life around

and has given herself a

chance for a life without drugs, alcohol, etc.

Julie now attends church

regularly and is an instrumental part of the

youth group at her church. She

has since lead her best friend, Rachel to Christ

and has given hope to

others. Although many would falter under all

these pressures, Julie

remains strong. Also, instead of self-pity for

the hard hand she has been

dealt, Julie shows gratitude for her life

everyday in all that she does.

Julie’s extraordinary strength she would say

comes from God because of his

love for her and his presence in her life.

Julie is one of the most special people I

have known. We have his

joke that she is my ?adopted? little sister. We

lovingly make references to

each other as “big sis” and “little sis”.

Julie’s amazing maturity and

other great qualities make her one of my favorite

people in the whole

world. Her ability to have a great attitude about

all aspects of her life

gives me a respect for her that I don’t give to

many fifteen year olds. She

is a truly special girl and I hope that her

winning attitude will be with

her always.


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