Personal ObservationAnalysis Essay Research Paper Before I

Personal Observation/Analysis Essay, Research Paper

Before I began my collegiate career, my parents or other authoritative figures basically gave me everything that was crucial to my upbringing. Life seemed simple because all the information I needed in order to advance was spoon fed to me. My parents were always there to guide me through life and correct me whenever I made mistakes. In school, teachers and mentors would instill in me study skills and motivate me to pursue a successful lifestyle. However, as I entered into Drexel University, reality struck me as I was overwhelmed with freedom. No parents telling me what to do and when to do it, except maybe over the phone. I made the decision of whether or not to go to class, or just sleep in. With all this change occurring in my new lifestyle, my academics altered as well. Primarily, the way I took notes in high school as opposed to taking notes now in college is totally different. I am no longer spoon fed by my parents and teachers. Now, I have to be able to pick only the important information that I feel is most likely to show up on an examination or discussion.

When I was in high school, teachers would provide me with the materials and notes that I would need in order to do well on tests and assignments. However, in college, the professors dictate from their own notes, forcing you to frivolously jot down all of the information that you think is necessary. In the very beginning of my freshman year, I made the mistake of trying to write every single word my professor dictated. However, I soon found out that it was very tedious and unproductive. As a result of having all of these notes, studying for my first test was extremely difficult because I did not know what to study or where to begin. I had to study everything and anything that was written in my notes, and it turned out to be quite time consuming. I knew then that I had to figure out a more efficient way to take notes. Therefore, I bought a tape recorder and started to record my lectures. I would go into class and record the lecture while I was intently listening to the professor, picking up key phrases that seemed likely to be on the exam or for future references.


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