Child Abuse Essay Research Paper Screaming violently

Child Abuse Essay, Research Paper

Screaming violently and giving meaningless threats toward a child may make him/her feel uncomfortable; it is a form of abuse. How do we discipline a child? In our society, parents don t comprehend the difference between disciplinary and abusive actions. They are not aware of where to draw the line. The difference between child abuse and discipline is like the difference between night and day. The one produces insecure, unhappy and undeveloped children. The other secure, joyful children whose potential is being realized. In our society children are treated as a burden and parents are to blame for their child s action. Child abuse can be rooted self-centeredness, emotional problems and violating the rights of a youngster. Every child is unique and is brought up in a different environment and culture. Main problems that the parent have to face; as soon as a baby is born, is that they don t come equipped with set of rules or guide lines to take care of the child. Parents who abuse their children feel that they are simply disciplining them. They don t realize the effect and the outcome that the children are receiving from them. Therefore in some cases they are labeled as difficult because of mental or health problems. But an abused child may be victimized simply because he or she is vulnerable. The parent who indulges in child abuse is more in tune with their own feelings at that moment, and fails to realize what is best for the child. They are not working at all toward the long-term needs of the child and often do not realize the repercussions they are setting up for the child. The child begins to view the world as a cold and dark place to live in.Life could be stressful for both parents and the children. When parents have trouble dealing with their own problems, they try very hard to lead a normal life in front of the children. Yet children’s needs are being quietly hushed and swept under the rug. They are quite often abandoned because of the lack of understanding. In our generation more and more children are dealing with rough and frustration lives that their parents put them through. The parents often don t find enough time to spend with their children, hence a child might feel insecure. Anything that effects parents emotionally can also be effected on the children the same way.

Our society supports equal rights and equal opportunities. In society parents must be responsible enough to protect their children from any violence. Disciplining and high level of expectation of their children often leads parents into grave conditions. Like any delicate object, a child is very fragile and insecure. Parents often think that since the child is living under their roof, the child is abide by a set of rules and regulation. If the child refused to agree with these set of rules, the child was being abused or humiliated by its refusal. It is unfair that a child doesn t get any chance to fight back. Since parents are in charge of their children, they know that wrong behavior will destroy many opportunities for their child and try to set limits for everything the child do. They try very hard to keep everything under control. They don t sometimes realize what is right and wrong for their children. Many times the punishment is out of proportion to the offense. The punishment is either too harsh or the offense is ignored. Because of such reasons the child is mentally confused and suffers from low self-esteem.Recently released reports conducted by the children s aid society indicated that seventy-five percent of all abuse cases occurs in two-parent families. Parents often are not aware of their own action; they are too cooped up with their own lives. If situation arrives, they try to resolve it as soon as possible. Childcare shouldn t be handled in this manner. Such ignorance can be a form of abuse. They should be aware and be more careful about raising their children. Because they are the future, and they are our next generation.

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