A Parents Appearance Essay Research Paper The

A Parents Appearance Essay, Research Paper

The relationship between a child and his parents will never change no matter if they do go through a divorce. Parents should always love their kids all the time, even if they don t live with them. Don t get me wrong there are many advantages with living with both the living with one, I know.

Living with both parents should be nice because you can do all the family things as a family. Vacations has to be one of the most exciting times for me, but I also wish that I could go on one having both parents there. Each year I go with my dad on vacation and then go with my mom. It might be great having two vacations but not having a vacation with both parents is not that great to a kid. Now I love going out and seeing different things and all but every time I wish that both of them were there. One advantage of having two vacations is that I get to see more of the world.

Being close to your parents should be a big thing for all kids. I mean when everybody else is not there for you, you can always count on the parents. Living with both of them means you have the chance to be close to both of them. Some kids take advantage of that opportunity but also some don t. Living with my dad is ok we get to do a lot of guys stuff, but when I get to see my mom I think that I appreciate it more than anything else. I take advantage of everything we do together; the time I spend with her is always a treasure in my heart.

The holidays are the worst when having the family split. When Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and New Years roll around I have to plan which holiday I spend with who. I get more presents from it, but I have to pay a huge price. I usually travel from place to place during these holidays and almost never get to enjoy one to the full effect. It would be nice to have both there and for me not to travel, but its not going to happen. Even though I might not get a bunch of presents during the holidays I would rather have my parents together for that short time.

One of the big negatives in having a broken home are you always miss one of the parents. There is not a day that goes by that I wish I could see my mom. To me I talk to her about all my problems, and not having here there at home is hard. There are times when I spend hours on the telephone talking to her about all my problems; but I would not have that problem if I had her at the house with my dad when I come home everyday. To know that they are both there for you is great; but to have them both there everyday by your side must be awesome. It s hard only having one parent and you are missing the other one as a kid because your parents got a divorce.

Even though both are not there living in the same house as me I know that I m loved by both. A family is a family no matter what and I m glad that to have mine anyway I can get it. No matter how far my parents are away from me I still have the same love for both of them.


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