The Typical Aussie Essay Research Paper I

The Typical Aussie Essay, Research Paper

I am here to talk to you today about the typical australian, or if you prefer,

the typical aussie.

Australia is one of the greatest countries in the world, today. Not only for its

achievments ,such as hosting the olympic games, but for the people that make

Australia what it is. Australians pride themselves on their country probably

more than any other nation.

Todays typical Australians are known for their laid back, easy going approach to

things. They love taking it easy.

If there?s one thing that the typical aussie loves most it?s sport. Sport plays

a major part in the australians lifestyle, and we enjoy a huge

array of outdoor physical activity, which really contradicts the image of

the typical aussie bloke – short, fat, wearing a singlet top, stubbie shorts,

an acubra hat with corks hanging down, thongs on the feet and holding a bottle

of V.B. – Australian beer. We love battling out Football,

especially since we have four codes of the game. There’s Rugby League, Rugby

Union, AFL and Soccer. We also play Netball, cricket, bastketball,

baseball,swimming, surfing, and a number of others. We’re also a competitive

bunch, and love to beat the Kiwis and the Poms in ANYTHING….but especially

Cricket. And whats going to the the cricket for the typical aussie without

reciting that famous chant AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE?..OY, OY, OY!!!!!

Look at the olympics that are going on in Sydney, Australia as we speak, there

having one of the biggest crowds at any olympic games EVER!

And the vast majoritie of the spectators are australians, you see it doesn?t

matter what event, were behind our athletes, because there australian, and the

typical aussie is always behind fellow aussies.

Another thing the typical aussie loves is his beer. Australia is well known for

their beer. They brew great beer brands such as Victoria Bitter, Fosters, and

carlton cold. Although its not something to be proud of, the typical aussie

bloke enjoys puffing on a cigarette. And in my opinion its one of the only

things that the true blue aussie should try to change. Pies and pasties are

loved by australians, especially the meat pie. The typical aussies snack, would

have to be the four and twenties meat pie with tomato sauce. Australians are

great meat lovers, and they love cooking barbecues, for their family and mates.

The typical aussie uses Australian slang a lot, when hes talking to his mates,

they use words such as: Arvo, meaning Afternoon. Baggy green – the Term for the

Australian Test cricket cap. Barbie – Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an

Australian Institution! Bloke – man or guy. Couch potato – a person who watches

TV for long periods of time. Drongo – an Idiot. Dunny – toilet. Fair dinkum -

good, honest, truthful. Flannie – flanelette shirt. G?day- hello. Ocker – A

yobbo. Ripper – Great! Stubbie – a small bottle of Beer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have just related to you, in my mind, is the fair

dinkum, true blue, typical aussie


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