Remembering All Essay Research Paper I once

Remembering All Essay, Research Paper

I once jumped off a two-story building just to prove how much I adored a girl.

At the early age of eight, I have to admit that I was already a kid full of

hormones. I have always known that I am attracted to the opposite sex. I love

being around them, but I was always too shy to express my feelings towards them.

Sandra was the kind of girl that any guy would fall in love with the minut he

laid his eyes on her. Like a goddess, she had long silky hair, big sparkling

eyes, and the most luscious lips. The first time I saw Sandra was on the first

day of my first grade. I was immediately attracted to her. She was the most

beautiful girl I had ever seen at that point of my life. I knew right at that

moment that I had to do something or anything to let her notice me. I wanted to

talk to her but I was too shy. I drew my courage together and finally went up to

her to introduce myself. She responded with a cute giggle and told me her name.

As I was walking away from her, she gave me a dazzling smile that stuck with me

to the present. As soonas we walked into the classroom, the teacher announced

that she had already assigned a seating position for each person. I immediately

called for God and I begged the Almighty to have Sandra sit next to me. When I

heard Sandra and my name in the same sentence, I knew in that moment that God

answered my prayer. Sandra and I were both voted to be the class president by

popular votes. I am very shy. Yet, I have this personality or look that just

attracts people to their liking. Sandra was also very popular mainly due to her

beauty. Because it was a close race, the teacher decided that Sandra and I

should both be the class president. The class president??s duty was to keep

the class in an orderly manner whenever the teacher was not around. We would

hear students?? complaints about other students and help keep the peace in the

class. Because of the seating situation and our shared responsibilities as peace

officers, Sandra and I got to be very close. However, we were only best friend

and nothing more. I never told Sandra how I felt about her but I think she

figured it out somehow. I also had a friend named Nick who was also attracted to

Sandra. Nick and I never had a problem both liking the same girl. We often

goofed around and told each other what we would do if Sandra were to be with one

of us. Although Nick was better looking than I was, that did not stop me from

giving up. I knew I had to find a way to tell Sandra how I felt about her even

if she already sensed it. One day while playing on the roof of our classroom as

we often did, Sandra commented that a boy was brave enough to jump off from the

two-story building that we were on, she would like him even more. I immediately

jumped off the building before Sandra finished her sentence. Everybody just

screamed. Sandra let out the loudest scream and then ran away in terror. When I

finally stood up from the devastating fall, I looked up to find not even one

single person. Apparently, everyone thought I was a freak, including Sandra. I

ended up limping six months for that foolish attemp to win Sandra??s heart. My

relationship with Sandra was never the same after that incident. Sandra would

only speak to me when it was necessary. Three months after the ??jumping??

incident, the school year was over. We both went our separate ways during the

summer break. Sandra and I were still in the same class that following fall, but

we never spoke to each other again. To this day, I still think about her. After

all, ahe was my first love. I often wonder if the result would have been

different if I had not made that jump. That was only the beginning of what I

have done to impress girls. Most of the time, it would backfire on me just like

the ??jumping?? incident. Neverthless, that does not mean I am going to stop

trying even harder next time.


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