My Husbands Nine Wives By Elizabeth Joseph

My Husband?s Nine Wives By Elizabeth Joseph Essay, Research Paper

?My Husband?s Nine Wives,? an essay written by Elizabeth Joseph, effectively describes a woman?s life made easier due to the principle of polygamy. Polygamy, otherwise known as plural marriage, remains illegal in the United States today; however, it is possible that polygamy go undetected by law because of a marrying couple?s intentional negligence to obtain proper certificates or licenses. This essay, written with a touch of humor, while at the same time maintaining its?realism, lays out the advantages of polygamy in a nonchalant manner. Through believable techniques in writing and a relaxed nature, Elizabeth Joseph?s ?My Husband?s Nine Wives? sets a precedent for the modern career woman.

The style of writing used in this essay allows for an easy grasping and understanding of polygamy. Initially, the audience becomes involved due to the author?s writing tactics. The essay, constructed to attract modern career women or women in general, and to turn them on to polygamy, offers insight to the reader. This essay appeals to modern career women through the constant reminders of the difficulties surrounding monogamous relationships such as always having to compromise (128). In addition, the authors choice in tone strengthens the essay. The author sets a reassuring tone which the reader can very easily relate to. Getting her point across, the author, not taking her point to the extreme, but instead using a relaxing, yet serious tone demonstrates the professionality of the essay. Most importantly, persuasion remains the key to the effectiveness of the essay. The dramatic description of life made easier due to polygamy forces the audience to ponder. For example, the detailed paragraphs on the magazines and talk shows that discuss the dredging problem of mothers ?successfully juggling [their] career[s], motherhood, and marriage? (128).

Following the style of writing, the attractiveness of polygamy adds to the effectiveness in Joseph?s ?My Husband?s Nine Wives.? First, the author reverses the traditional roles in this essay. According to the essay, polygamy serves the ideal situation for the woman and the oppressive one for the man whereas one expects the opposite to be true (127). Polygamists also feel that they be allowed to interpret the Old Testament how it serves them best in their lives (128). Furthermore, the woman?s career mushrooms as a result of polygamy. There always is another husband or wife at home to help care for the children so the so-called ?modern woman? can continue with her career (128). The wife does not have to rely on just one person in a polygamous relationship. Along with the career, the woman?s social activeness increases. Since in a polygamous relationship the people involved are not confined to one partner, women possess the options do as they please the majority of the time. Also, when the women wish to spend time with her husband, she makes an ?appointment,? and if it is not possible to see him, they arrange another night (129).

Straight forward and to the point, Elizabeth Joseph?s ?My Husband?s Nine Wives? on polygamy imposes a model for modern women. This essay is short and sweet while at the same time extremely effective in getting the point across. Moreover, women gain much under the principle of polygamy such as both career and social benefits, but to the traditional, moral-filled reader, polygamy remains a sin. Ultimately, truth has a place in this essay, but under the modern circumstances, the chance for polygamy to be legal, or even become the lifestyle of many people in the future will not happen without the aid of some sort of serious commotion.


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