Eminem Essay Research Paper White rap sensation

Eminem Essay, Research Paper

White rap sensation Eminem had to overcome all kinds of adversity to make it to the top. Eminem

is my favorite rapper, and I have wanted to meet him since he came out two years ago , undoubtedly he is

known for his rap songs that offend many people.

For example, the current disputes between Eminem and Everlast an old rock band. Everlast had

made a song dissing Eminem along with his wife and daughter . Now , most people would get upset over it

and maybe just let it go. Eminem on the other hand, made two songs completely dissing Everlast . In song

two titled “quitter” he even makes references for his fans to physically hurt Everlast. That is just one of the

Several incidents where Eminem proved he is not scared to speak his mind. Eminem also gets much

attention because he is the only white rapper right now, and the first one since Vanilla Ice. The difference

is that Eminem is popular in all sections of the industry. He has soared to the top of almost every billboard

chart except in categories such as country. Eminem has no problem going to court, or even prison to stand

by his thoughts, and he makes sure his point of view is noticed.

I like Eminem because he does not compromise his values, no matter how messed up they may be.

Eminem Is the most interesting celebrity because he is one of the few who does not hold back. His personal

life is smeared all over the news, and he does not seem to care, I would like to know how he deals with the

media and stardom. There are thousands of questions I would have for Eminem, The first would be how he

was able to walk into his high school in Detroit where he got beaten up daily for being a white boy. From

what I know about him he probably did not worry about it. He just goes out and does what he feels he can

accomplish, no matter how many obstacles are blocking his path. If he told people ten years ago that he

would like to be a rapper everyone would laugh at him. He mad a debut album

at age nineteen and it did badly. It took a long time for him to make albums such as the Marshall Mathers LP,

which sold two and a half million copies in the first week of its release at age twenty six Eminem is a rap god and

nobody will ever take the place of this legend.


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