Authentic Life Vs Mechanical Essay Research Paper

Authentic Life Vs. Mechanical Essay, Research Paper

Authentic Life vs. Mechanical Life

In the Hobbit Authentic Life and Mechanical Life can be seen in the Hobbits and the Black Riders.

The reason being because the hobbits are such an authentic and valuable life source; because they seem to be extremely noble and happy in their everyday lives. The Black riders on the other hand are apart of the mechanical society because throughout their search for Frodo and “the one ring to rule them all, the one ring to find them, the one ring to bring them all, and in darkness bind them,” (Inscription written on the ring pg.75), they (black riders) always failed in catching what they were after which was Frodo and the ring. The journey of the black riders made them careless and thoughtless towards what they wanted the most.

Authentic life is shown in the hobbits through their nobility and the everyday lives that they live, for instance in Bag End everyone knows everyone because it’s such a little town that is quiet and fears the outside world because they don’t want any danger to come their way like the Black Riders. The hobbit heroes such as Frodo and Bilbo baggins can be described as the “there and back agains,” (Prologue pg.19). Although Frodo nor Bilbo can be described as the perfect hobbit’s one has already conquered his journey while the other has just begun a long perilous journey that is full of adventure. Since bilbo baggins has already completed his adventure and passed down the ring, he had completed his adventure although it was hard for him to give up his chancy life he did, and left it to frodo. Frodo’s authencity of intentions was to give up the ring so that it wouldn’t fall in the hands of the wrong person became doubtful, because the ring began to grow on him, and give him the urge to slip it on his finger so that he could disappear so that he wouldn’t be seen and judged by others. Eventually Frodo gave into the temptation and gave himself away many times to the black riders and strider as well which put him in danger more than once.

The black riders can be described as being the mechanical life because they aren’t as noble as the hobbits, they don’t have the strength and will of Tom Bombadil, or the rareness of the elves and dwarves. Hobbits feared the black riders because they were the threat, they had no feelings, and they couldn’t care less about what others thought about them. The reason for the black riders not caring is because they would just invite themselves anywhere and threaten those who did not tell them or give them information on frodo’s where about. Many mistakes had been made by the black riders, such as every time that they had the opportunity to kill frodo and his gang they would fail too, there were other times when they (Black Riders) got so close to catching frodo something would happen they wouldn’t trust their instincts it was like they knew but they didn’t want to find out, and then there was the time when frodo put on the ring and could be seen by the black riders for the first time but still nothing happened. Their (black riders) failures make them seem mechanical and lifeless, but eventually the black riders were easily conquered in the end. Although the black riders failed they were mysterious characters and that was their “secret” that was held from others.

Other people who can be compared in the mechanical and authentic life could be Tom Bombadil, Sam Gamgee, Strider, and Willow (the tree). Tom Bambadil and Sam Gamgee can be described as living in the authentic life, because Tom Bombadil is such a lovely guy who is very cheerful, happy, jolly, and strong. He can’t be defeated by the black riders and the willow tree because he has to much control on his life for anyone to come in and take it all away from him his quote is “Fear nothing! For you are under the roof of Tom Bombadi.” (Tom Bombadil pg.139). Sam Gamgee was asked to go on the journey by accident, because he was caught eavesdropping when Gandalf and Frodo were talking about how much power that the ring holds and how no one can get a hold of it otherwise the ring will over take the person who slips it on their finger, but Sam was caught by Gandalf. Sooner or later Sam Gamgee becomes more of a help to frodo by making comments such as “Short cuts make long delays.” Gandalf is apart of the authentic life because he is seen as the wizard who can foretell anything, the only time Gandalf is present is during certain obstacles and left when deemed necessary. Strider would be considered apart of the mechanical life because he is like the dark riders and can sense something when it’s not right, and follows through with his instinct of things. Strider seems to trust his senses better than the black riders but still has some of the characters towards being in the mechanical life. The willow tree would also be considered to be apart of the mechanical life because it underestimates the power of Tom Bombadil and is no match for him because he has awesome strength and is apart of the authentic society and knows better.

Authentic life has proven to be more stronger than that of the mechanical life in the hobbit, because those who fall into the authentic life seem to be more strong willed and smart, they do of course make mistakes but realize where they have gone wrong and try again regardless of the obstacles that they have to overcome. As for those who fall into the mechanical life they seem as though they make more mistakes and fail more often than those who live an authentic life, because they don’t trust their instincts and they never seize the opportunity when it is there. Although those in who have an authentic life aren’t perfect they aren’t programed to do as others tell them. J.R.R. Tolken stated “There is no such thing as a natural death. Nothing that happens to man is ever natural All men must die. And for every man his death is an accident, and even if he knows it, he can sense to it an unjustifiable violation.” He also said “You may agree with the words or not, but those are the key spring of the Lord of the Rings.” The way that I see this quotation pertaining to the hobbit is because it shows how the book is of authencity and mechanicalism by saying “nothing that happens to man is ever natural” that may be true in some cases but with frodo and bilbo the ring chose them and took them on their journey’s.


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