Internet For Dummies Essay Research Paper The

Internet For Dummies Essay, Research Paper

The Internet is a huge network of computers spanning the lengths of this planet and is now started to bring in the surrounding area like space. Some computers share data like servers, others just surf the web as clients downloading the data. Public Internet began in the late 70?s, but that?s not what I?m going to teach you. In the 70?s, web surfers used an interface called telnet, but now that program is mainly obsolete. Telnet is most widely deployed in accessing college email accounts. The Internet is very helpful because it?s a huge database of knowledge, from the pictures of family trips to an in-depth analysis of quantum mechanics. Everyone should have the Internet because of its near instantaneous communication and huge wealth of knowledge, which deserves to be, at the disposal of everyone. Today, I will show you the four steps of how to go on the Internet and do a search for those new to the concept of a computer.

First, start by turning on your computer. In most computers, you can press a button, and it turns on. There should be two buttons on the front panel of your computer so just press both. If you hear a strange sound when you release one of the buttons, note that it?s the on/off buttons and don?t press the other. Now, turn on the monitor.

In the second step, you should be in a program called windows. It is merely a friendly interface working on the DOS operating system. Look around on your monitor, and locate an icon that says Internet Explorer or Netscape. Using your mouse, maneuver the cursor over one of those previously stated icons and double it quickly with the left button of your mouse.

In the third step, wait while the program loads and then look around. If you have a broadband connection (DSL or higher), then you should be connected to the Internet. If not, then you have to setup and connect to your dial-up service. Look around the screen for something that says, “http://” and put your cursor over it. Then press the left button on the mouse. Now type in the desired URL and press enter.

Finally, if you want to do a search for data on the Internet, type in the website This URL will bring you to a site called Google. It is a very popular and informational network of sites created by two Stanford students. Type in whatever you want to search for in the form, and then press enter. You should get your results in the same window. After you get your results, look around in the window and choose whatever site best matches your query.

Congratulations! You now know how to use the Internet, and well on you?re way to becoming an Internet guru. In conclusion, turn on your computer, open a web browser, type in the URL, and you?ve conquered the basics of the Internet.


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