What Makes An Student Effectiv Essay Research

What Makes An Student Effectiv Essay, Research Paper

What Makes an Effective Student?

What makes an effective student? This is a question asked by many students entering college. An effective student is one who can succeed in the classroom and outside of class and one who can help others become successful in life. Becoming a master student takes time and patience. There are many rewards for becoming a successful student. One of the greatest rewards is graduating from high school or college. Effective students cab achieve their goals because of their study habits and maturity.

Effective students have good study habits. These students prefer to study then go outside. Also effective students use study groups to further develop their study skills. Managing study time wisely greatly benefits the student. A student with good time management skills and study skills are perfect examples of students being effective.

Effective students show a strong level of maturity. They are students who participate in class discussions and school activities. Students who come to class on time everyday with the right materials, and pay attention to the professor, is an example of one being effective. Successful or effective students are not afraid to ask questions and will admit when wrong. They are students who are willing to learn and can help tutor others in need. Students who make school their first priority are effective or master students. All these characteristics help one become an effective college or high school student.

Students who succeed in school and outside of school are great examples of effective students. Master students are successful in life because of their excellent study habits, time management skills, and maturity. In general these students are happy with their job and lifestyle. Effective students can learn from his or her mistakes and teach others how to be effective in society. It is best to be an effective student so that one will have a better chance to be successful in life.


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