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Nuclear Energy Essay Research Paper Nuclear power

Nuclear Energy Essay, Research Paper

Nuclear power as an energy source.

Thesis: Altough the nuclear power plants are thought to be too risky for environment, it has a

vital importance in production of energy since it is one of the most beneficial energy

type from the economical and enviromental sides with the help of modern technology

which provides the safest ways such as constructing more reliable reactors and the

management of wastes.

I. Firstly, it should be noted that there are several reasons which form the perceptions

and prejudices of public about nuclear risk and those reasons cause people to think

nuclear power as a risky way.

A.Due to the educational backround of specialists and public, it is unavoidable that

their approaches to risk will differ from each other.

1. The thoughts that come to the majority of people?s mind when they hear about

nuclear risk will be probably negative (Nuclear Safety, 1996, p.107).

2.On the other hand, risk is explained by specialists as a ? language of technical

detail ?, numbers and generalized expense-incomes (Nuclear Safety, 1996


B. Additionally, there are common reasons that affects the public?s feelings and

convert them to the prejudices.

1. The men approaches to the concept of risk under the impact of cultural

parameters (Nuclear Safety, 1996, p.105).

2. ?In particular, the people?s images of the consequences of reactor accidents

were the same as those that they gave for nuclear war (Nuclear Safety, 1996,


II. As the main advantages of nuclear power both economical and environmental

benefits of it can be counted.

A.Although the expenses become larger during the construction of a Nuclear power

plant because of some common reasons, it survives as an economical way in production of energy (International Atomic Energy Agency, 1985, p.310-311)

1. Nuclear power gives the ability to compete with other kinds of power sources

(Foremann, 1970, p.209).

2. Besides that, it requires the substances which can be found easily.

a. For example, the element of uranium is provided abundantly by the earth

(Bilim ve Teknik, 1994, p.27).

b. Additionally, Turkey is thought to be affluent with respect to thorium

reserves which is another raw material of atomic energy (Bilim ve Teknik,

1994, p.27).

B. Moreover, the majority of people are unaware of nuclear energy?s benefits about

the environment besides the economical ones (Foremann, 1970, p.209).

1. Due to the growing consciousness of the finite natural resources of the

traditional fossil fuels, altenative energy resources have been under an

increasing attention (IAEA, 1985, P.4-5).

a. Firstly, nuclear power is thought to be an alternative of petroleum which

is the most important raw material in many branchesof industry.

b. Secondly it can be used instead of natural gas which is more necessaryto

be used in daily life.

c. Lastly it can be an alternative of coal that has many negative efects on


2. In contrast with 500 million metric tons of carbon that are discharged today,

the power plants which use fosil fuels will release about 750 million metric

tons of carbon into the air per year by 2025, unless the nuclear energy option

is balanced (Nuclear News, 2000, p.57).

a. The year 1998 was the warmest in the past decade; it was th warmest

since instrumented records began some 120 years ago (Nuclear News,

2000, p.56).

b. According to Foremann (1970, p.209), nuclear power can be used against

air pollution since it?s gained without giving burning poducts into the air.

3. Furthermore, the rates of sulfur emission which is known as the rason of acid

rains can be kpt down by th usage of nuclear energy type.

III. As a response to the views of people who approach to the reliability of nuclear

reactors with suspicion, the modern technology provides the safest ways for both

construction and waste management.

A. The fast moving technology is giving more ability to construct the safest plants

to the scientist from day to day.

1. Light water reactor design is one of the possible structure that French and

Japanese are participating (Sockett, 2001, p.6).

2. ?Another reactor design, a pebble-bed gas-cooled ractor, has attracted an

even broader international audience? (Sockett, 2001, p.6).

B. Moreover, it is to important for nuclear energy type to manage the wastes and

technology provides new ways for this aim.

1. It is thought to employe interm storage of wastes instead o permanent dead

(Sackett, 2001, p.5).

2. The reactors are thought to transmute the wastes (Sackett, 2001, p.5).