Ch. 1 introduction: sustainability, stewardship, sound science

A. The global environmental picture – population growth, degradation of soils, global atmospheric changes, loss of biodiversity

B. Three unifying themes – sustainability, stewardship, sound science

C. Brief history of environmentalism & modern environmental movement; some laws passed by EPA

Ch. 2 – structure of ecosystems

A. Climate – pp.213-15 & pp.501-4 & handouts of diagrams (doldrums, horse latitudes, ITCZ, gulf stream, NE + SE trade winds, Hadley cell)

B. What are ecosystems? Terms pp.26-28

C. Major terrestrial biomes & aquatic systems & oceanic profile

D. Ecosystem structure – terms pp.28-42

E. Diagrams pp. 37,34 (food web in general), 41, 45 (fig2-21)

Ch. 3 Ecosystems: How they work

A. Matter, energy, & life – know terms & examples of each – pp.54-66

B. First & second laws of thermodynamics/ Law of conservation of matter & energy

C. Know Endergonic/ Exergonic graphs

D. Know equations for cellular respiration & photosynthesis

E. Know table 3-1 p.54 – the 4 principles of sustainability

F. Principles of ecosystem function – Energy flow; Primary production; Energy flow & efficiency; Gross/Net primary production; carbon cycle

G. Implications for humans – p.75 fig. 3-22

Ch. 4 ecosystems: Populations & Succession

A. Population dynamics – Growth curves, biotic potential vs. environmental resistance (fig. 4-2 & 4-4); Know terms pp. 83-87

B. Mechanisms of population equilibrium – fig.4-5 predator-prey relationships; effect of introduced species; territoriality; plant-herbivore dynamics,; competition between plants; terms pp.87-94

C. Disturbance & succession – terms pp. 94-99; primary, secondary; fig.4-17; terms pp.101-102 – 4th principle of sustainability

Ch. 5 Ecosystems & Evolutionary Change

A. Terms pp. 109-113

B. Genetics terms from notes & pp.113-116

C. Speciation (pp.116-120)

D. Notes on Darwin, Evidence for evolution & natural selection, as well as handouts showing developmental similarities & homologous structures

E. Limits of change (pp.122 – 124) & punctuated equilibrium

GeorgesBank – Be able to label the map of the gulf of Maine, identify commercial fish species; terms pp.293-297 & notes ( commons, Magnuson Act, Sustainable Fisheries Act, etc)


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