Ben Carson Report Essay Research Paper Dr

Ben Carson Report Essay, Research Paper

Dr. Benjamin Carson M.D.

In 1951, Benjamin Carson was born to Sonya and Robert Carson. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan. In 1959, Ben?s parents divorced. Ben, his brother Curtis, and his mother moved to Boston, Massachusetts. They lived there for two years and moved back to Detroit.

Ben did poorly in school. It wasn?t until after Ben failed his eye test in fifth grade that his grades changed. He had poor eyesight, which was restricting his learning. After Ben began to wear glasses, he gradually began to do better in school.

Even though Ben grew smarter he had a bad temper. Once he was outside with his friend. They got into an argument and Ben drew his camping knife on his friend. He trusted the knife at the boy and his belt buckle. In the same instant as the knife broke Ben ran. He ran into the house and locked himself in the bathroom. He stayed in the bathroom and read his bible until he came to a revelation. Ben realized that his temper would destroy him and vowed to never let it control him again.

Later in high school he joined the ROTC (reserve officers? training corps) program. He did so well in ROTC that Ben was offered a full scholarship to the United States Military Academy. In 1968, Ben Carson received a scholarship to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and accepted. Two years later Ben met Lacena ?Candy? Rustin, who was a freshman at Yale. In 1975, Candy graduated from Yale and Ben who was already enrolled in medical school at the University of Michigan got married. Carson graduated from medical school in 1978 and went on to do his residency at John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He had been one of only two interns accepted in neurosurgery. One year later in 1983 Carson and his wife moved to Australia. Later that year they had a son named Murray. In 1984 Ben Carson moved back to Maryland and would become chief pediatric neurosurgeon at john Hopkins. A year later he would have to prove his skill. Carson performed a successful hemsipherectomy (procedure that removes one half of the brain) on Maranda Francisco. Maranda had had Rasmussen?s encephalitis, which is an extremely rare brain disease. Dr. Carson would go on to perform many difficult surgeries like this one.

During 1987 and 1988 Dr. Carson received many accolades. He received three Honorary Doctorates of Science Awards, the American Black Achievement Award from Ebony, and the Paul Harris Fellow award from Rotary International. He published a book: Pediatric neurosurgery and another one called Acondroplasia. In September 1987 Dr. Ben Carson performed his most dangerous surgery ever. He would attempt to separate Siamese twins who were joined at the back of the head. The surgery took twenty- two hours, but was successful. In 1989 he received the candle award from Morehouse University. In1992 Ben published Think Big and a few years later Gifted Hands.

Dr. Benjamin Carson M.D. is now 49 years old. He is married and has three sons and still works in John Hopkins Hospital. He also speaks and the fees and the funds go to a scholarship program in Baltimore.


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