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Rumble Fish Essay, Research Paper


Rumble fish is a narrative story where a boy named Russell-James meets up with his old friend Steve and remembers the past. It all started with Russell-James (Rusty-James was his nickname) saw his old friend Steve. They talked for a while when Russell-James is reminded about the knife fight he had 5 years ago because of his reunion with Steve. {Flashback} His story started out with him being told that he would be killed in the yard behind the ally by Biff in the late afternoon. He went to the fight and almost did get killed until his brother the Motorcycle Boy stepped in and took down Biff in one break of the wrist. The story continues with Russell-James thankful that his brother is back from LA, but he is seriously wounded but does not want to go to the hospital, so he passes out once or twice due to lack of blood.

The story talks about why Russell-James and Steve ere friends, and how Russell-James got expelled from his old school, but many of these events do not add to the main plot of the story. One night the “Motorcycle Boy”, Russell-James, and Steve took to downtown. Steve, acting strangely since his mother was in the hospital, starts drinking and throwing up (Steve never drinks so this is not normal). Eventually, “Motorcycle Boy” looses his regular toughness and feels sorry for the first thing in his life: His lack of being able to see color. He wanted to see the bright yellow city lights, and the red of neon signs, but is unable to. That night the trio go to a party and “Motorcycle Boy” leaves without Steve and Russell-James. When the now duo leave, they are muged by a gang and are both half dead. Once again, “Motorcycle Boy” steps in and helps out, almost killing the two gang members for what they have done. The story goes on and we learn that Russell-James girlfriend Patty dumps him and how Steve s father is abusive. But the main part near the end of the story is how “Motorcycle Boy” becomes obsessed with rumble fish (Siamese fighting fish) at the near by pet shop because of the colors he cannot see on them. On the Saturday night of that same week, “Motorcycle Boy” breaks in the store, takes all of the animals in there, and releases them. Both of the boys were sent to jail (Russell-James tagged along). {End Flashback} The story ends in the present where Russell-James says goodbye to his good friend Steve and they both take different ways.


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