King Oedipus Excessive Pride Essay Research Paper

King Oedipus Excessive Pride Essay, Research Paper

King Oedipus

Excessive Pride

Theban play of Oedipus the King talks about one of the Greek tragedies like the Odissey. Oedipus is the tragic hero of this story that cursed till death to suffer greatly with the knowledge that he married his mother, and killed his father. He ranks himself as a god like being, when he said “children”, addressing the people of Thebes means that he thinks he is above the people in some way. Every Tragic hero has a flaw, Oedipus’ tragic flaw is his excessive pride.

Oedipus did not conceal teh truth from his people, his confidence in himself blinded his eyes from whats coming. When Creon came back from the house of Apollo to find out about the plague that was casted on Thebes again after Oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx. The problem this time was if the man that have commited a syn be banished from Thebes. Creon gave Oedipus the choice, : I will tell you – if you wish to speak in the presence of all, if not let us go in.” but Oedipus was confident, and his confidence was a major flaw in his actions.

Oedipus didn’t keep his personal affairs away from Thebes. Oedipus had an argument with Creon, because of the profacy that the soothsayer said. He thought that Creon accused him of being the one who commited the syn. Creon knows that Oedipus is the man who Applo talked about. “Must Creon, so long my friend, my most trusted friend, stalk me by stealth, and study to dispossess me of the power the city has given me -freely Given – not of my asking.” Oedipus is showing that he got his powers freely, and Creon he’s dear friend is trying to take it from home by consipiring against him.

Oedipus showed how confident he is when he ordered the Shepherd to speak. Oedipus threatned the Shepherd, “Answer! If I must speak again, you die!” this shows how Oedipus’ curiosity came into place, his pride caused him to dig more into his own grave. What was burried for a long time, Oedipus comes and has to know what syn he had commited. His pride gave him confidence, that made him blind from what lies beneath.

Oedipus pushing Teiresias to say what he knows, thinking that it is not against him. “Teiresias: Was it not plain? Or will you tempt me futher?”, “Oedipus: I would have it beyond all doubht. Say it again.” “Teiresias: I say that the killer you are seeking is yourself.” And his pride still kept him from believing that it is true. “Oedipus: The second tim. You shall be sorry for this.” Oedipus did not believe what the soothsayer said, he thought it was all a conspiracy by Creon.

Oedipus seeking more information, his pride blinding him mentaly and physicaly in the end. The flaw that made the prophecy that was foretold to Oedipus’ parents was true, and in the end he found out that no one can escape their fate but still didn’t accept that he is not equal to the Gods. “Oedipus: No God will speak for me.” Oedipus excessive pride in him made him loose his power as a ruler of two cities, his parents that are kings, and the respect of the people to him.


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