Overview Of The Socialist Party And Bob

Dole Abort Essay, Research Paper

overview of the Socialist Party and Bob Dole AbortionI. Socialist Party… The Socialist Party is based on the idea that the working class are fully capable of running their own bussinesses and magnaging their own lives. The party strives to make a classless system, all people living in the country are equal in status income and future. Everyone works and earns their fare share. The government and big ego driven bussiness CEO’s shouldn’t be manipulating the lower or less fourtunate class. The bussinesses are run by a group of workers that are not paid any more than anyone else that are in charge of all the workers. The government sets the salaries for the jobs. The persons that are in charge of the company are in charge and run the bussiness but also must work a fair amount of hours in the actual labor or services that the company produces or provides. These persons are elected by the people of the working class, not choosen by the governement. People that cannot works because of chronic illness, mental disabilities, or aging are given a small amount of money monthly and coupons, or food stamps, that provide them with the bare esscentials. The governments says that the people should of saved money or start saving money to gain the luxeries that they feel that they need. The community structure is set up by the community that elect a group of persons that create laws, much like our current government, but only meet for 3 weeks in a year to go over all laws put in front of them. These postions are volunteur postions, the only benifits are that the 3 weeks that they are out voting they are still being paid. Another basis of the Socialist party is that the military is a non-essential money grabber. They support a skeleton defense and a extremly small counter-attack force. The party feels that way to much money is being wasted in the military and should be put back into the community and used for the benifit of the people. The federal government itself is devised of three basic parts, the same as ours. The judical branch would be the same except the the number of juctices would be cut considerably, also the salaries and benifits are reduced, also the people would elect the juctices. The legislative branch would be divised in 5 representitives per state. They vote in the same way that the legislative branch, they are also paid a small token salary and expected to hold a small part time job to buy luxires. The government also strongly supports eviromental concerns. The government would take a strong role in federal,state, and local enviromental concerns. It will pay for clean-ups and for a nuclear free country. One more strong area of the Socialist Party is that they support all forms of the abolishment of opression. They strongly dislike the opression or discromintaion of people of color, lesbian, gays, gender, race, class, wages, or origin of birth. To sum up their form of government they say to change the government to the better, in their eyes at least, we, the people, need a total restructuring of the government.

II. Dole.. Bob Dole ,the republican president canadite, has created a muddle veiw of his stand on abortion. The republican platform supports the pro-life veiw. They strongly support that babies not born are still alive and can feel so the babies should not deserive to die. Although the republicans move towards pro-life Bob Dole avoids the question as much as possible. He himself has a unique veiw in the matter. He in some ways pro-choice. He diesn’t not come out and say it because he is trying to keep as many votes as possible to stay close the President Clinton. He has favored that side of the disscussion a few times just because it is his own choice. He doesn’t feel restricted by the party limitations. The party will not turn on him because they don’t want to malign the charecter of their own nominee. Bob Dole has set himself up for a blow if anyone directly asks him but yet know one has up front and asked him. Alothough vurnable to the media the republican party is protecting him a bit from the question but not enough so that if Dole loses the election that the party can turn against him if they wish. All that this shows is that Bob Dole is not afraid to go against the standards and be his own unique person. That shows that Bob Dole is a strong moral candidate that will not change to fit the standards of a party and keep his own beleifs.


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